How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android.

Have you ever deleted a picture you so much love unknowingly? Ofcourse you can delete a picture or even a video by mistake. However, no matter the case, you can actually get that deleted photos or videos back, with the help of
an app called DiskDigger.
Diskdigger is one of the best app that gets the job done, and it's really simple to understand with its friendly user interface. This app helps you get your deleted media files back; files like Pictures, videos, Gifs, Music (for Pro version) , and rest of others. It can undelete and recover lost pictures or videos from your SD card and internal memory.

There’s no need to root your phone to use it. But if your phone is rooted, the app will search all of your device’s memory for any trace at all of photos as well as videos. If your device is not rooted, the app does a limited scan by searching your cache and thumbnails. So, in a way, you’re getting your pictures back. Like i said earlier, DiskDigger is very easy to use and understand. If your device is rooted, then you will get the most out of it. Though, there
are quite a number of free apps on Playstore that recovers deleted photos and videos, but most of them requires your device to be rooted.

However, Diskdigger is one of the most useful, considering that a lot of recovery tools require you to root your phone before even performing a scan....

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