Leaks: Samsung Skips Galaxy 9 for Galaxy X

This competition between Apple and South Korean OE  Samsung is getting healthier everyday. Remember the Californian-based smartphone maker skipped iPhone 9 to launch iPhone X, well, Samsung just did the same, they skipped 9 to launch Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X didn't get unveiled in style or in a big event, no! The phone was accidentally revealed on Samsung's support page. Both the support page and the NRRA certification reference model number SM-G888N0, which is the Korean model of the phone. 

Apart from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications—and one from the South Korean NNRA, no other specifications of Samsung Galaxy X was revealed. The launch and availability date wasn't disclosed either, but it could coincide with January’s CES 2018.

Meanwhile, Samsung has a Foldable Galaxy X Glass smartphone, and this shouldn't be mistaken for the flagship Galaxy X. Let's keep waiting for more information about this device.

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