Amazon Music is now available on Google TV and Android TV

Amazon Music is now available on Google TV and Android TV

Amazon Music is ultimately coming to Google’s set-top box OS, with a new app rolling out for Google TV and Android TV since February 26.

The app will work closely to Amazon Music on other devices. Subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited will be able to see the full music library, similar to Spotify or Apple Music. Regular Prime Members will get access to a special list of songs and playlists, while users without any subscriptions will get access to Amazon Music’s ad-supported options.

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It’s by no means the first music app on Google’s hardware. in addition to Google’s own offerings, services like Spotify and Tidal also have apps there — but it’s a useful option for anyone subscribing to Amazon’s service.
The release of Amazon Music on Google’s smart TV hardware is particularly notable given that Amazon and Google had previously spent years, back in 2017 and 2018, struggling over message services for their products. That fight resulted in things like Amazon pulling Prime Video from Google devices and Google pulling YouTube from Amazon hardware. The two companies had mostly made up by 2019, though, when YouTube and Prime Video apps returned to Amazon and Google’s hardware.
Still, the fact that Google volunteer to tolerate a direct competition like Amazon Music is a good sign that the companies have turned over a new leaf. The new Amazon Music app is available today in the UK, Canada, US, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Italy, france, India, Japan, spain and Australia.

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