Facebook’s new app Bars will let you rap over premade beats

Facebook’s new app Bars will let you rap over premade beats

disregarding being an annoying hipster,this was definitely not expected: Facebook is bringing out an application that will let people post and share videos of them rapping over beats, which are produced by the app.
The name is the application is Bars, and its main selling point is it provides the beats and lets you make a 60-second rap videos with them. According to the verge, you can then post the video to a TikTok-style feed, where people can watch it and mark it as “fire”. The app also assures “studio quality vocal effects,” with actual, honest-to-goodness AutoTune. I hope there’s a slider that goes from “making my voice passable” to “T-Pain.”

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The app also assures an auto-rhyme book for those who mark themselves as “beginners” in the app’s sign-up. For those closer to the “Advanced” level, it also promises a Freestyle mode, which gives you eight random words to work into a 16-bar off-the-cuff rap.

If you want to lay down some Bars, I am disappointed to say that the app seems to be in closed beta, but you can at least register to save your username and get a place in line for when the app starts opening up.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t understand why the bars in the App Store description are so weak. The announcement rap posted on Instagram is honestly not bad?
The app promises it’ll produce professionally made beats for you to rap over, and if the examples it’s posting on Instagram are indicative of the overall quality, that may actually be the case. They sound way closer to what you’d hear in an actual song than to the embarrassing things I’ve posted to SoundCloud.

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So far, the app is only on iOS devices, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for an Android version; it doesn’t seem like Collab has made it to the Play Store yet, either. For as much fun as I’ve poked, though, I actually will genuinely keep this app until it lets me in — not so I can actually contribute but so I can see what people come up with.
Facebook was not immediately available for comment.

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