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How To Photos & Protect Your Private Pictures In Your Android & IPhone.

Keeping your private and important photos in a secluded place in your phone is a good way to preserve the photographs. Just as photos is a way to keep memories, it’s pertinent to keep these recollections safe, especially the private and classified photographs we should keep hidden. This also include photographs that are restricted from anybody getting to or attempting to see in the phone. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are considering how to hide photos on your Android device, here are the most ideal ways to keep your photos safe.


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Different Ways to Hide Photos on Android Device

The following are four important means of hiding photos on your Android device:


How to Hide Photos Using Google Photos Archive 

Google Photos Archive is an inbuilt application that is present in the generality of Android phones. The photo gallery gives a simple arrangement in the event that you need to save your photos. However, it also offer a means of hiding your important and private photos from the pictures album. However, it will be as yet available in the search results and in the file manager. 


The following are how to hide photos using Google Photos Archive on your Android device:

1. Open and launch the Google Photos app on your Android phone. 
2. Tap on the hamburger menu symbol on the upper left half of the screen. 
3. A menu will then appear and you will have to select ‘Archive’. 
4. The next thing is to click on the add photographs icon to add on the upper left of the screen alongside the upward three spots. 
5. The last thing here is to select the photographs you need to archive and tap on Done. 

The selected photos for archive will be moved from the primary gallery to the safe collection which is hidden from public access. 


How to Hide Photos Using Native Hiding Features (Samsung and LG) 

Though some stock Android OS doesn’t has a feature to enable hiding of photos, yet some phone producers give it to better protection. Samsung and LG are a portion of the producers that give such features to it device users. On the off chance that your gadget is from one of these makers you can follow these means to activate the photo hiding feature in your phone. This doesn’t really work for other Android phones except Samsung and LG.


Samsung Android Phone 

A lot of new Samsung phones running on Android OS Nogatversion has the photos hiding feature which is in form of an element called Private Mode. This is done by going to this feature as it will allow you to secure and stow away your important photos in the Gallery application. 


Here’s the way you can hide your photos on Samsung Android phones: 

The process can be done by navigating to Secure Folder in your phone. Precisely, this is carried out by going to Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder. Do remember that you should sign in with your Samsung account to carry out this process. 

In the wake of entering the safe folder, your phone will ask you to pick your preferred lock strategy. When complete, the Secure Folder will be open from your application area. 

Then what’s remaining to hide the photos in the Secure Folder, is to open the application and tap Add Files. 


LG Android Phone 

The process of hiding photos on LG Android devices is as well easy to carry out. It involves the following steps:

This time, start by going to Settings > Fingerprints and Security > Content Lock. The telephone will request that you secure the feature by having a PIN, password, or unique number. 

After that, you should then go to your phone’s default photo application. Select all the pictures you want to hide and tap Menu > More > Lock. You can likewise hide more pictures in the event that you wish to. 


At the point when you’ve tapped Lock, the photos will disappear from the gallery and won’t be public again. If you would want to see them later, explore to Menu > Show Locked Files. Enter your security details, and the photographs will be shown. 


How to Hide Photos Using File Manager on Android 

You can likewise utilize a file manager to manually put your private photos in a hidden place and move your private documents to it. 

The method is quite simple to carry out: 

• First, you should open the File Manager application on your Android device. 
• Create a new file that starts with a dot (.) followed by a name. For example .nomedia

Once done, move the pictures you need to cover up in this folder and they’ll be hidden away from the public photos collection or some other picture applications. 


Note: This is an old technique to hide photos however at present doesn’t work on few modern devices. 

Likewise remember, in spite of the fact that your photographs are covered up, they might still be on public view as they are not all that secured. 


How to Hide Photos Using Third-Party Apps  

In the event that you can’t carry out any of these previously mentioned methods, then you can activate a secondary process. This involves using a third-party application that specializes in hiding photos automatically on your Android device.

This option is good for mostly IPhone Users, you can hide photos on IPhone by using Third-party apps, There are many of these applications, but the most rated ones include the following:

• Vaulty – This Android application has set up itself as the main application for hiding photos in your phone. A huge number of users have left a positive rating on the app on Google Play Store. 
• Hide Something – This is another good app to hide your private pictures on Android. By and by, you can keep these photos safe behind PINs and passwords, and every one of your photos will be uploaded on Google Drive. 
• Keepsafe Vault – Keepsafe Vault is basically the same as an hide photos app. It has it features which all your photographs are secured and pictures are rightly back up to the application’s cloud storage.



That’s the size of this article on how to hide photos and protect your private pictures in your Android phone. This article outlined about four ways to carry out this process. We believe you now have an idea on how to keep your photos safe.

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