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How To 9moble 2021 2.5GB Free browsing Tips Using EC Tunnel VPN

Moat people have been enjoying this free browsing cheat for so long, Recently most free cheat are been blocked but this cheat is not free, you will need some airtime to activate, N350 is all you need to get this.

All Yo Need To Know About This 9mobile 2.5GB Free Browsing 2021.

  • Config file is not needed for this to work.
  • The EC Tunnel VPN Connects in less than 15 seconds.
  • Very fast in streaming etc.
  • Server is very high.
  • Easy to setup, Just download the EC Tunnel VPN, choose Tweak & Connect.

How to activate The free data trick.

  1. Download EC Tunnel VPN Here
  2. Subscribe to 9mobile Social media pack by dialing *343*6*9# ( Cost N350 For 2.5GB ) Valid for 1 month. though the 2GB is not visible, but the 500MB Can be view by dialing *228#
  3. Then Install the EC Tunnel VPN.
  4. In Tweaks,, Make sure you select the Social Pack 2GB First then later, you can use the 500MB.
  5. Then click connect, you’ll be connect as soon as possible, less than seconds.
Enjoy this free browsing tips we just share, kindly comment if you need us and share our blog with your friends….
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