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  With the increasing issues of Facebook accounts getting hacked nowadays, most affected users has question how to get back their accounts. The issue of hack is possible in a social media platform like Facebook because of it extensiveness. With over billions of Facebook users who uses the platform for various purposes, in this manner they are prone to various issues which relates with account security. Be that as it may, recovering the account is simple and should be made with a couple of steps. However, the primary thing is to know when your account had been hacked and work fast to get it back. 



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How Do I Know Whether My Facebook Account is Hacked? 

The following information is important as it will give you an idea of when to know your Facebook account is hacked. The following are what you should pay special attention to in your bid of securing your account:

If you notice the change of your Facebook email, then you should be wary of hackers. 

• A change in your password means your account was accessed by someone. 
• If your name or birthday have changed, it means your profile details is bring changed.
• If you notice friends request have been sent to unrecognized persons you don’t have the foggiest idea of.
• Messages have been sent to people yuu don’t know and that you didn’t compose 
• Posts have been made that you didn’t make or know anything about.

If the following are the case, we suggests that you should set up and Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook to shield your Facebook account from being hacked. However the following paragraph will give you a view of how to recover your Facebook account.


How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account 

Here is a step by step instructions on how to retrieve your hacked Facebook in Nigeria. The following are a few strategies that can be useful in getting back your Facebook account that was hacked:


1. Navigate to the Facebook site and enter the address https://www.facebook.com/. This should open the Facebook login page. Note when carrying out this process, it’s advisable to use the web version of Facebook.  


2. The next thing you should do is to click on ‘Forgot Account?’. It’s a link below the “Password” text confine in the upper-right half of the page. Doing so will take you to the “Discover your account” page. At this point, you will be able to search for your account.



3. Enter your email address or telephone number in the provided spaces. This is done by entering the content box in the page, then, at that point type in the email address or telephone number that you use to sign into the account. 


4. The following step after putting your details is to click on Search which is beneath the content box. Doing so will discover your account. 



5. Select a account reset option and you will be made to choose one of the following means: 
• Send code by means of email – Sends a six-digit code to the email address that you use to sign into Facebook. 
• Send code through SMS – Sends a six-digit code to the telephone number that is related with your Facebook profile. 


6. Click Continue. This will send the code to your email or messages. In the event that you picked the Use my Google account method, a window will open. 


7. Retrieve your confirmation code. Contingent upon your picked account reset option, you will get the secret code from Facebook. If it was an email service – Open your email inbox, search for an email from Facebook, and note the six-digit code in the message. 


How to Recover Facebook Account if Password and Email Address was Changed

However, you can still recover your Facebook account even when your password and email address was changed. But, the process at getting the account back have to some degree of complexity unlike the one above. 

To retrieve a Facebook account without the registered email address and password, there are two methodology that you can apply. 


One way to note the change of your registered email address on Facebook is that the social media platform will notify you in the change. On the off chance that your email address has been changed, Facebook will send an email to you. This will give information on the change involving email address and inform you about the email change. 


In the event that your email id has been hacked, there will be an alternative “on the off chance that you didn’t do this, if it’s not too much trouble, secure your record” click on it. You will be given the alternative to get your record. 

Then, at that point the social media platform will give you various account recovery alternatives as per the account security. You might be approached to present your government issued ID, to help verify your true ownership of the account.


Another alternative that you can use to get back your Facebook account without phone number and email address is to enter your date of birth to retrieve the account. Sometimes, the social media service, Facebook will request that you verify your friends by showing them their photos and providing their names. These are the things that are normally asked on account recovery. 


Recover Facebook Account by Identity Verification (Last Stop) 

If all the above processes doesn’t work for you due to the fact that the hacker might have gained much access to your account, then you should verify yourself with Facebook. Recently, the social media platform introduced a feature called: Identity Verification. With this, you will actually confirm your character by sending government issued ID. 

• Open your web browser and go to: https://en-gb.facebook.com/help/contact/183000765122339
• You will be given a form, fill it and attach your government issued ID. 
• Send the completed form to Facebook and wait for several days. 

Subsequent to carrying out this process, Facebook will respond to you in 1-3 days and will assist you with getting back your account.

That’s the size of this write-up on how to recover an hacked Facebook account in Nigeria.

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