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Inasmuch as smartwatches are indeed smart and are able to do essential phone functions like making calls, in the same way, they can do advanced ones like connecting to the internet. However, this important looked-for feature is available in only few devices, except the introduction of third-party system. If you would want to know much about browsing the internet with a smartwatch, then consider reading this article perfectly well. This piece won’t be limited on how to browse, rather we will highlight the smartwatches that can do this advanced function.

 Can Smartwatch Browse Independently?

The possibility of the smartwatch to browse on it self is not a new thought. Looking at the history, one of the initial smart watches was the Seiko RC which was made in 1984. These watches would connect with the computer and allow the user access the internet through the connected device.
The capability of smartwatch to surf the net has generally not changed from that point forward however now it is remote and interfacing with your advanced smartphone or tablet.
The interesting thing you should note is that some smartwatches can work utilizing their own SIM or by interfacing with a phone. It ought to likewise be noted that some apple smartwatches has WiFi and no 3G or 4G network, however was considered autonomous. The connectivity of most smartwatches isn’t through a network, rather some work on WiFi interface network.

How to Browse the Internet on a Smartwatch

Though surfing the internet on a wearable gadget like smartwatch might be awful and somewhat uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that it is similarly not as smooth as on smart phones. The little screens on most smartwatches are small which makes it an impossible limit as is the second rate gadget.
Even as the above assumption is very true, do you know that browsing with a smartwatch work for some situations where a phone is restricted. This has made a couple of users to figure out how to connect their watches to the internet.
This is possible because most recent Smartwatches by Apple, Samsung, and Mobvoi are furnished with an amazing processor, and enough memory to browse the internet.

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  • Here is how to browse the internet with your Android Smartwatch:
  • The first thing is to guarantee that you have an Android operating system installed on the smartwatch. This is the Android Wear OS which should be synced with your wrist device. Android Wear OS is a free app that is needed by most Android smartwatches to connect to the internet.
  • The following thing to do is to Search Google Play for the Web Browser for Android Wear App. You should then download this application which is free as well.
  • Install Web Browser for Android Wear (WIB) after successful download, and wait for some minutes for the app to show up as apps on your smartwatch.
  • Then, Click the WIB icon (blue circle) to launch the application. The WIB app will load and get set up your smartwatch for site browsing.
  • Finally done! The remainder is to input your favorite websites and browse the web.
  • That’s it on how to browse the internet with your smartwatch. Please bear in mind that this only works for Android Wear OS smartwatches. However, if you’re using other devices, just read the following paragraph as we highlight all the smartwatches that can browse the internet. This isn’t contingent on the operating system.


Smartwatches That Can Browse the Internet

Looking for a internet-connected smartwatch to buy? That isn’t easy to get without having a guide to help you, because most smartwatches don’t have internet access. Below are the recommended smartwatches to browse the internet with;

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the least expensive smartwatch that you can browse the internet with. The application work by the introduction of a third-party system available on the application store. Though in the most of their recent watches, you have the application program preinstalled.
The 1.3-inch screen Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is excessively small especially the screen, yet at the same time, it preferable has some intriguing features compared to smartphones. The watch has both a wireless connection and cellular network to browse the internet. Furthermore, it has 1.5 GB strong RAM enhanced by Exynos 9110. Also the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Watch is strong and would last over 3 days.

Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 6, all have Wifi connectivity. So this literally means that the watches can connect the internet with the help of WatchOS 5 and WebKit in the device.
Taking a gander at the features of Apple Smart Watches, the Watch Series 6 has a fast processor and a 1.4-inch Retina OLED display, and dissimilar to other Apple Watches. The device supports youtube or any video content.
Sadly, the odd thing about Apple as brand is that their devices battery isn’t dependable. Browsing the internet more often would deplete the battery faster. Interestingly, Series 6 series has an attractive charging for user’s benefit and, it charges pretty fast with the fast charging feature installed.


Ticwatch is another good internet-connected smartwatch, though they are not that popular in the Nigerian market. The smartwatch is outfitted with the most recent processor by Qualcomm: Snapdragon Wear 4100 and by a long shot it is has a WearOS with an amazing processor. The features of this device isn’t limited as it is outfitted with 1 GB memory and 8 GB storage space which by and large make the device to be really strong.
Moreover, Ticwatch smartwatch has a 4G LTE connectivity which means you will be browsing at a fast rate. Then again, you have Wi-Fi network to interface with the web. On the whole, Ticwatch Pro 4G has a huge battery inside. This ensures a good backup life for the device as the battery lifetime is good compared to other smartwatch brand.


Definitely you can browse the internet with your smartwatch. That’s possible if you go through the process and install the Android Wear OS to your Android Smartwatch. Similarly you can install the WatchOS 5 and WebKit in your Apple smartwatch. We also highlighted all the smartwatches that supports internet connectivity.

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