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How to Activate GLO Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via HA Tunnel VPN

Today. Will be showing all Nigeria Glo Users/Subscribers how to browse unlimitedly using HA Tunnel, Firstly for those who are new to HA Tunnel Vpn, You can download the app using the Google Playstore  link above.

What’s HA Tunnel VPN?

HA Tunnel Plus is an app that helps you to use present connection protocols covered with SSH2.0. This way, all of the site visitors generated among the consumer and the server is definitely secure.

How Long With This Free Browning Last? 

For now pilot of people are really enjoying this free browsing cheat. If the free browsing stop working. It’s either the file or there’s an issue with the app connection. To get a new file you can join our telegram channel.

Do I Need Airtime Or Data To Enjoy This Free Browing Cheat?

Yes, you need at least 100 naira or 40mb, Cause mostly to Connect the Ha Tunnel Vpn, you’ll need data to power it up. After it has been powers successfully, you can’t continue enjoying and browsing for free. 

Step by Step On How To Setup Glo Free Browsing Cheat On HA Tunnel

  • Firstly download the Config File Below
  • And then import it into the VPN. 
  • After importing, you can try connecting on 0.0kobo if your data connection is coming up but if it’s not, just recharge N100 and use the free 40mb to connect. 
  • The data shouldn’t be touched as you surf and download Unlimitedly

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