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 Not all people want to get attention every time they update a new display picture on Facebook. In most occasions when we change our Facebook Profile Pictures these pictures update are made public and will be posted in our timeline and news feed. If you are on the thought that changing your profile picture should be invisible from  your Facebook friends, rather only obvious to you only, so here is a way you can undoubtedly make that happen. 


Though most profile pictures uploaded to Facebook are basically made on a public view. That means that you will be seeing your face appear to all your friends and possibly followers on the social media platform. If that is a big disclosing your private details, you can actually Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Anyone Noticing you made that changes. All that will happen is that your display picture will be updated and visible for anyone to view just like others.

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In this post, we will look specifically on how to change your Facebook Profile Picture without getting noticed by anybody even your added friends. This method will also work for other purposes – You can follow a similar process to change the Facebook Cover Photo too without sending notification to your Friends or the post appearing on their news feed. Also, you can utilize this same pattern in changing your pages picture on Facebook. This will in the same manner make your posts to be visible to only you.


Can I Facebook Profile Picture Without Noticing Anyone?

Just as we have said above, you can actually update your profile picture without making it appear to your friends on timeline. This process is always carried out in the event that you simply update the photograph and set it as a private profile picture. Normally, when you upload a picture on Facebook, it will consistently be set to “Public” and every one individuals and friends even those who you don’t have in your Facebook account, can see your profile picture.


At that point, you might be very worried about this public display and would want to know how to get out of it. In this way, we think that you would prefer not to make others think about your profile picture change. If these are the reasons why you want to make your display picture update unknown to the public on Facebook, then you should read on this article.


Change Your Profile Picture Without it Appearing on Timeline and News feed

Here let’s give a short overview of the steps you will have to take in order to change your Facebook profile picture without making any of your friends know about the update. 


In such a case first, you will have to sign into your Facebook account and start the process of updating your picture. If your are using a computer, drift your mouse over your current profile picture; for phone users you should click on your profile picture.

You will see an option called Update Profile Picture. Then click on this and move to the what’s going to be displayed later on. In the event that you have already transferred the photograph you want to upload to Facebook, select it from the current pictures. However, if that’s didn’t happen and if you want to transfer the picture, click on Upload Photo icon and transfer the new picture. In the wake of transferring, set it as your profile picture by following the screen option. 


When you’re done with that, whatever you have set as your profile picture, will be displayed to your Facebook friends consequently. All the more explicitly, every one users (having you) would discover an update like this: ‘your name updated his profile picture’ on their newsfeed. If you aren’t satisfied on this kind of publicity, then at that point you should immediately change the privacy of the post to Only Me. If you are thinking of how that is done, then you should read on this next paragraph as we will highlight much on this procedures.


How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Anyone Noticing

If you want to rule out publicizing your new Facebook profile pic update, then read the following step by step instructions:

• The basic thing is to have this picture you want to use as your Facebook profile picture. 
• Enter Facebook app or web and navigate on Your Facebook Profile picture. When this is done there would be a spring up menu telling you to Take a photograph, Upload a photograph, or View Profile Picture. This happens for those using the Facebook app and lite application. 
• Click on Upload a Picture and select your preferred picture. When this is done and your picture is successfully uploaded, tap on update. 
• Now your profile picture has been changed, return to your Facebook timeline and you’ll see your recently updated profile picture as a post. This will be shown in this way: Mfonobong updated his profile picture, then at that place you’ll also see your new profile picture shown with the post. 
• The next step is to click on the 3 horizontal dots “…” at the upper right corner of the post. This will be the point you will be able to change the photo audience.  When its opened, click Change Audience and afterward click Only Me. 
• As a last step, note that the these processes should be done as fast as possible, because a waste of time will make the uploaded profile picture to be displayed to your friends who are currently online.

All Done! That’s just what you need to do in order to change your profile picture and nobody would have the option to see that you actually changed them.


Wrap Up

That’s how far we can take on this article. However, note that you can likewise change other of your Facebook display photos secretly by using a similar process. The process can as well be utilized to change your profile pictures on your pages. This will also be done in the following process earlier highlighted. So far in this article we listed out ways in which you can actually change your dp without it appearing on your timeline and your friend’s newsfeed.

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