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 In case you’re a big lover of soccer games, this article will delineate on Dream League Soccer 2022 which is one of the best options. This is an intriguing soccer game that smartphone gamers ought not overlook. This football game which is otherwise called DLS and its very much compared to other football virtual games you can download on your Android phones. However, downloading Dream League Soccer 2022 game may tend to be quite difficult especially when trying to install DLS Mod APK on your Android smartphone phone. This write-up will give you the easy ways to get this done.


Description of Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer is yearly series game produced by First Touch Games. The game can be played on Android smartphones, so far it is fully installed. First Touch Games is a peculiar name for gamers, because they have delivered a great deal of popular games previously. A large portion of their games are about sports, and the most popular one is presumably “Dream League Soccer”. 

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Gamers will find a ton of new things when they download and install the most recent rendition of Dream League Soccer. This article will help on the best way to get one on your phone.


DLS 22 Application Details:

• App Name:DLS 22
• File Size:360MB
• Category:Sports, football, soccer
• Version:8.10
• Developer:First Touch Games Ltd.
• O.S.:Android 5.0 and above
• UpdatedJuly 2, 2021
• Released:April 5, 2020
• Rating:4.2/5
• Price:Free
• Mod:Yes
• Downloads:50,000,000+
• Licence:FIFPro

Dream League Soccer for Android football gamers is habitually delivered each year and this year’s own, 2022 is the latest. The producers of the game have made loads of progress in their last forms which makes it incredible when compared with the past variants of the game. This improvement included picture quality, interactivity, the expansion of new stadiums, new players, skills and updated transfers. 


What’s New in Dream League Soccer 2022

Coming up next are significant features that are presented in the recently launched Dream League Soccer 22 game. These features introduced include picture quality, interactivity, the expansion of new stadiums, new players, skills and updated transfers. They are all available in the Mod Apk version of this game. The new improved features include:

• New Players – New names are introduced into the players list to reflect the current status. A lot of players in many clubs in the world are included. With this new changes, you now have enormous assortment of players to use while playing DLS 2022.
• Completely Licensed Players – You would now be able to track down your #1 player at his present club. This new feature will permit you to get them.  This is a piece of incredible news for DLS gamers. Every one of the major parts, in actuality, have been authorized to show up on DLS 2022 Mod Apk
• Play Online – This is one of the incredible highlights of the new Dream League Soccer game. You would now be able to associate your fantasy league games online through Facebook or other social platforms available for the service. This will permit you to play with your friends anywhere in the world. You two will contend anyplace, whenever. That’s the upsides of this DLS 22 game.
• Better Stadium – There are some new features being added to the stadiums. This means that they would now be able to contain more fans. You can also request that your stadium should be upgraded. 

Those are only the top new features in Dream League Soccer 2022 game. However that doesn’t mean that it is much you can expect from the game. There are many other features you will discover in the course of playing the game. If you would like to know and use these features, why not download and install the game into your phone? The following paragraph will contain details in how to easily install DLS 22 game and file into your Android smartphone.



How to Install Dream League Soccer 2022 (DLS APK+OBB) on Android Phone 

Basically, the entirety of Dream League Soccer applications need the OBB and APK files to work accurately. How does these work all together? The two files need to put each document on the right way. 

All things considered, how about we dive into the reason behind this article which is to encapsulate the best way to easily install Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod APK + Data + OBB files into your Android smartphone. Follow these steps to successfully install DLS 22 game and file into your Android device:


1. The first thing to do is to download DLS Apk, OBB Data and ZArchiver Apk from the links we will share below. If you already have them, then no problem, you can go with the installing process. 
2. When the application files is downloaded into your phone, you will need an app capable of extracting its files. On the off chance that you haven’t installed one already, you can download something like ES File Explorer from the Google Play store. 
3. When you have your file archiver app, you should now extract the files from the RAR file.
4. When the above step is done, you’ll find two folders named OBB and Data, and one DLS APK file.
5. Click on the folder with the name “OBB” and that should be followed by long-pressing the displayed folder. 
6. Copy the folder to Android >> OBB. You should copy the file to your device’s internal storage or on the memory card. It depends on your preferred storage medium, but make sure there’s enough space left after the action.
7. Repeat steps 4, but instead of copying the OBB folder, click on the folder with the name “DATA”. Long press on the folder that appears next and copy it to Android >> Data. It should be in the storage media you used when doing for the OBB.
8. Turn off your mobile data or WiFi, then install the APK file of the version of Dream League Soccer you extracted.
9. When the installation is complete, you should find a DLS icon in your phone application menu. 
10. The last thing is to check the DLS icon, tap to start playing the game offline.

All done, Enjoy the latest Dream League Soccer game!


• DLS 22 download link –
• ZArchiver Pro Apk download link –



Dream League Soccer 2022 is the newest version of the intriguing football game. That being said, it means that you should expect the best and new features in this simulation game. This article outlined the detailed steps to install the DLS 22 game in your Android phone.

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