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On the off chance that you lose your phone that has your registered WhatsApp number, then that isn’t the end of the connection. There is still some ways to get back the connected number to your WhatsApp account. This will be through changing the linked phone number by changing it. This kind of setting is an easy fix yet the experience can likewise be a little upsetting when you are managing WhatsApp. This article will highlight the processes to retrieve your WhatsApp number that had been lost with phone. It will also include how to restore some important data in the process.


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Some years back in 2017, WhatsApp added a feature that facilitates the process of changing your phone number, if probably that they get lost or stolen. This Change Number feature allows the users of the messaging app to change their registered phone number connected with their WhatsApp account on the current phone. Read on in this article as we delineate more on how to get this done.


What to do on Lost Phone with WhatsApp Number 

Losing your phone contacts is very worrisome and adding to the injury will be losing your connections on WhatsApp also. The necessary features set up by the social messaging application can help you to change the lost number and also ensure that nobody uses the WhatsApp account. Here are some things to do lost phone with WhatsApp number:

• Block the SIM Card — The very first thing to do is to secure the sim card. Since the card is lost or stolen, you now have the option to lock it down. This is done by calling your network provider to quickly to block your SIM card. It will then not be feasible to check the account on that phone once more, as you should have the option to get SMS or calls to confirm the account. After you have lock the sim card, the following thing is to get another card and link it up. 
• Use another SIM card — The next thing is to utilize another sim card with the some number to initiate WhatsApp on your new phone. This process is actually the fastest method to deactivate your account on the lost phone number and phone. WhatsApp must be enacted with each phone number on one device in turn. 
• Report to WhatsApp on Lost Phone Number — Another option is to email WhatsApp on the Lost or Stolen phone number. In the body of the email ensure to put the caption, “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” and also include your phone number in full international code. 


What You Should Know About Changing Your WhatsApp Phone Number 

With the change number feature introduced by WhatsApp, it allows users to change their registered phone number linked with their WhatsApp account.   

There are some things you should expect when considering a change of WhatsApp phone number:

First, it would transfer your account data and information, including your profile photo, display name, bio, profile visits, conversation talks, and settings from your old WhatsApp number to your new phone number. 

The process will also erase the WhatsApp account linked with your old phone number, so your contacts will not be able to see your old phone number in their WhatsApp contacts accounts. 

You can choose whether you need your contacts to be notified about the changes you made in your account with the phone number change. Nonetheless, your group chats will be notified when you change your phone number whether or not you decide to tell your contacts. It’s advisable to let your contacts know about the changes so as to keep you associated with them. We suggest you let your friends know your new WhatsApp number prior to changing it. You should also request that they roll out any important changes in their phones’ address books. 


It is important to note that when you change your phone number and keep using the same phone for the new phone number, your chat history will be accessible on the phone. This will be possible of you had backup the data to the cloud.


How to Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number 

Is your sim card or phone lost? Changing your WhatsApp phone number connected to the lost number isn’t that hard. With the feature enabled on the messaging apps, it allows users to change their linked phone number with the WhatsApp account. 


First, there are some important things to consider prior to changing your phone number: Ensure your new phone number is capable to receive SMS or calls and is  functioning as well.  The second thing is to make sure your old phone number is initiated to get the new one enrolled on WhatsApp. You can track down your enrolled telephone number by opening WhatsApp Settings and tapping your profile photograph. 


Moreover, if you would want to change your WhatsApp number on the same phone, you should add the SIM card with the new phone number into your phone. Then, at that point follow the procedures below. 


How to Change Phone Number On A New Phone 

When changing your WhatsApp number on a new phone, you should have first transfer your chat history. This will be possible by having backed up your data to iCloud or any other storage. This should have been done before the sim card was lost.


If all is set, then follow the steps below in using your new phone number: 

1. First install WhatsApp on your new phone.
2. Register your new phone number on the app. 
3. Then restore your backup. 
4. The next thing is to go to your WhatsApp Settings: Tap Account > Change Number > Next. 
5. The following should be to enter your old phone number in the given space and your new phone number in the subsequent field, both in full international format. 
6. Continue by clicking Next and follow up the process to get Done.

That’s it, all set to get back your WhatsApp number!



That’s it on getting your WhatsApp back after you might have lost your phone and sim card. This article encapsulated the step by step instructions on how to carry out the process of retrieving the number and also the data to your new phone.

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