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Chipper is an online bank that allows you to send and receive money across Africa and Uk, with just your Chipper Cash tag e.g ( @bestsolution), With dope exchange rate.. There are lots of helping features on Chipper Cash wich include bitcoin investing / stock market e.t.c. the investing is just like buying bitcoin and keep it till the rate is up so you can earn some money, you can also sell your bitcoin back to Chipper Cash any time you need you money, You can also send In from third party wallet and also send Out.

Also Chipper cash allows you to send money in and out to third party Banks for free of charge. Receive money from different countries. for now Chipper Cash is available in 8 countries today, and many more coming soon. 
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List Of Countries Chipper Cash Is Available in

United Kingdom
South Africa

Eligibility and Account Registration 

To be eligible to use the Chipper Services, you must create an account with a cellular/wireless telephone number that you own. As further detailed in their Privacy Policy, in order to register, create and use an account, Company may require that you submit certain Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy), including but not limited to your name, email address, text-enabled cellular/wireless telephone number, street address or zip code, and date of birth to Company. During the registration process, or when you access the Chipper Services from a phone, your phone’s device ID is also stored. You agree that the Personal Information you provide to Company upon registration and at all other times will be true, accurate, current and complete, and you agree to maintain and update this Personal Information with us as necessary.

Types of Accounts 

They offer two different types of accounts, personal and business accounts. You may have only one personal account. 
Personal accounts are for use in person-to-person transfers with friends and family, and other people whom you know. 
Business account use is limited. Business accounts must be applied for and explicitly authorized. By opening a business account and accepting the terms as outlined in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the Rules and Restrictions for Business Accounts set forth below, you attest that neither you nor your business is establishing a business account primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

Fees for Sending Money 

Chipper is free to use and you will not be charged a fee by us for any action or transaction you make on Chipper. However, They reserve the right to charge a fee for our services in the future. If they do, they will notify you and provide a grace period before any fees are implemented.

Transferring Funds out of Chipper

  • i. Options: You may transfer funds to your linked Mobile Money Account(s) using the standard transfer option. We don’t offer the ability to access funds via ATM or at retail locations.
  • ii. Transfer Limits: They limit the amount you can transfer out of Chipper at a given time. 
  • iii. Transaction Reviews: They review account and transaction activity at various times, including when you initiate a transfer of funds out of Chipper. This review checks for, among other things, suspicious or illegal activity, and whether your account activity and the activity of users with whom you’ve transacted comply with this Agreement. Reviews may result in: delayed, blocked or cancelled transfers; funds being held by Chipper; funds being applied to a negative Chipper account balance or used to offset loss incurred by Chipper; account suspension or termination; funds being seized to comply with a court order, warrant or other legal process; and/or funds you previously received being reversed (i.e., sent back to the sender’s Chipper balance.


Send & Receive Cash —- Cash Transfers in a Few Taps —
Virtual Visa Cards 
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Network API — Payments at Scale —
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Airtime — Instant Airtime for Less —


For those in africa that want to own a bank account without going to bank or passing through bank stress, you can just Download Chipper Cash and sign up and money instantly to anyone in Nigeria 🇳🇬, Ghana 🇬🇭, Kenya 🇰🇪, South Africa 🇿🇦, Uganda 🇺🇬, Tanzania 🇹🇿,  Rwanda 🇷🇼, and United Kingdom 🇬🇧!  We both get a referral bonus when you join using my link – Click here.
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