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 The Timeline function in Google Maps allows you to browse the places you’ve visited as well as the directions you’ve taken. Almost every major app keeps track of your whereabouts in some fashion. Although most people try to keep it under wraps, Google Maps is quite open about exploiting your location. But Google Maps will not really just use it to show you your present location and give you directions. You may also construct a Google Maps timeline if you do have it activated, which shows you where you traveled on a certain day, as well as any attractions or restaurants you visited, towns you’ve visited, and countries you’ve visited. Here’s how to see your Google Maps location history.

How to View Your Google Maps Timeline and See Where You’ve Been

All of the countries, towns, and attractions you’ve visited are displayed in your Google Maps timeline.

The Google Maps mobile app and website both show your timeline.

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For the timeline to operate, you’ll need to make sure your Google account has Location History turned on.

Below is a step-by-step instructions on how to check Google Maps Timeline and view places you have visited.

How to Use the Google Maps App to View Your Google Maps Timeline

The processes are highlighted below:

First, you will have to access Google Maps application. On your iPhone or Android, open Google Maps and click your profile picture in the top-right corner.

The next step to carry out is to select Your Timeline from the menu. In this menu, you’ll locate your timeline. The screen will shift, and at the top will appear a wide menu with a range of selections.

Regardless on if you are using an iPhone or an Android, they’ll be slightly different. That is to say that the processes won’t be the same thing.

What to Expect on the Google Maps Timeline

You’ll see the following on the Google Maps Timeline page:

Day: This tab displays all of the locations you’ve visited in a single day. This will also tell you how you got there (subway, automobile, etc.) and how much time you spent at each destination. You’ll get a detailed map of your activities on that particular day.

Places: This section displays the many restaurants, attractions, shops, hotels, and other locations you’ve visited. They’ll be divided into categories, which you may tap to see a complete list of.

Cities: You’ll get to have a list of all the towns and cities you’ve been to, as well as when you went. Click a city name to discover where you traveled and how often you went there. You’ll also be able to check how many places in that town or city you’ve visited.

World: This is a list of all of the nations you’ve visited. To see the cities you’ve visited, choose a country from the list.

Trips and Insights: You’ll also see Trips and Insights if you’re using an Android. Trips displays your holidays and excursions (as the name implies). Every month, Insights analyzes how much time you spend walking, driving, and utilizing public transportation, as well as how far you’ve traveled and what you did with that time. You can view your statistics for any month at any time.

How to View Google Maps Timeline on Website

The chronology is also available on the Google Maps website, however it has a somewhat different appearance. On the Google Website, how do I get to view my Google Maps Timeline? This is how you can see it on their website:

On your computer, open Google Maps and click the three stacked lines in the upper-left corner.

Decide on a timeline. The Google Maps menu that allows you to find your timeline.

This will take you to the Timeline page. You can do the following things here:

To see all the sites you visited on a certain day, click one of the blue bars at the top-left of the page or input a specific day.

To see every company, attraction, or point of interest you’ve visited, go to the red Places tab in the bottom-left corner.

To see a list of your vacations and getaways, go to the More Trips box.

You can however view the exact day you traveled to a location by double-clicking a red dot on the map.

Your timeline would therefore look totally different on a computer especially in comparison to your phone.

On a desktop, your profile will change from what you see on your smartphone.

To revert to your main Timeline page after clicking something and wanting to reset the map, click Timeline in the top-left corner.

How Do I Turn Off Google Maps Location Tracking?

Google Maps Timeline is a handy feature if you want to look back at your previous journey data, but it may also be scary because Google monitors everything. Luckily, you can quickly disable location tracking in Google Maps to prevent your location from being saved. Here’s how to get it done:

Open Google Maps on your computer.

In the top right corner, tap your profile photo.

Your Timeline should be tapped.

Select Manage from the small location icon.

If you have multiple Google accounts open, choose the one you want to manage.

Controls for activity will appear. Turn off Location History.

Follow the directions and then press the Pause button.

It’s finished!

Final Thoughts

Before wrapping up, let’s have a look at how Google Maps Timeline function came to be. The Google Maps Timeline function was overhauled in 2015, and Google has since added the option to collect photographs shot at certain locations, allowing you to get a better picture of your entire trip. This function is especially useful if you want to see all of the photos you took at a specific area or if you want to see a summary of your weekly or monthly activities.

Moreover, in the course of this write-up, I lay more emphasis on how one can see places they’ve visited, simply by using Google Maps Timeline. I believe this information will be beneficial to you especially in the case where you need histories of where your device has been. That’s the size of this article. 

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