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 Is your PlayStation 4 refusing to switch on? To fix the problem, you should attempt a few different approaches. It’s possible that the device isn’t turning on due to hardware, software, or power issues.

It’s wise to assume it’s a basic problem at first, then look into more comprehensive solutions if necessary. If the problem is with your hard drive, you’ll most likely need to update it to have your PS4 back in action.

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Just what the problem is that is preventing your PS4 from turning on, this article will show you how to resolve it and get your device back up and running.

Why isn’t My PlayStation 4 Turning On?

A hardware, software, faulty software or firmware, or power issue could be the cause of a PS4 not turning on. Hardware issues, such as faulty power supply and broken power buttons, should be left to the experts.

Software and power faults are frequently considerably easier to resolve, so there’s a strong probability you’ll be likely to get your PS4 fully up and running without incurring a hefty repair charge.

The majority of the time, power difficulties are also pretty simple to discover and resolve. Your power cord, power strip, surge protector, or even outlet may be malfunctioning. You can safely determine the root of this type of problem and then correct it by carefully attempting different combinations.

What to Do If Your PS4 Isn’t Turning On

If your PlayStation 4 won’t power on, here’s what you need to know to get it up and running again, or at the very least figure out what’s wrong.

Here are eight troubleshooting suggestions to try to find out what’s wrong with your device.

Remove the Power Cable

The first quick fix strategy to get your PS4 turned on is to remove the power cable. Removing and reconnecting the power cable for at least half a minute can assist address problems by serving as a quick restart. You can join the power cord to the back of your PS4 or detach it at the other end, in the outlet, if you choose.

Always unplug your PS4’s power cord from the rear of the console.

Perform a Power Cycling workout

Power cycling is a more powerful form of removing the power line, and it can help you resolve minor problems with your PS4 turning on.

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on your PS4:

Keep your finger on the power button until the power light stops flashing.

Disconnect the device’s power supply and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

Re-establish your system’s connection.

Switch out the power cord.

And if you really can’t get your PS4 to turn on, the problem could be with your power cord. Changing it can assist you in finding out if it’s the cause of your device’s inability to turn on, or if the issue is elsewhere.

Additional tip: If you have an Xbox One S, you may test this by plugging in the power cord from that device.

Changing the Power Strip or Outlet

Assuming your power cord isn’t really the problem, you may be experiencing other power-related problems. Changing outlets or utilizing a different power strip may be beneficial.

You may also test those power sources by plugging in other gadgets to see whether they function. Assuming you don’t get another outlet available and the one you’re using has a reset button, you can try pressing it to troubleshoot.

Insert a Game Disc

The next thing you should consider is that a game disc should be inserted

If your PS4 recognizes and pulls in a game disc when you try to insert it, it may resume normal operation. And if this doesn’t work, the issue could be with your hard drive or the data in your system.

Start in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a common diagnostic mode for your system that enables it to boot up without all of its drivers and software installed.

Hold the power button down for a little bit until the PS4 turns off to start it up in safe mode. Then press and hold the power button until two beeps are heard.

Your PS4 Should be Clean

It’s possible that dirt or grime has built up on or within your gadget, preventing it from performing properly. As a result, cleaning your PlayStation 4 might be a useful troubleshooting tool.

Dirt may be removed with a microfiber cloth, compressed air, and a cotton swab, and internal grime can be addressed with a screwdriver.

Disconnect the Hard Drive

Taking out your hard disk and then attempting to power on your PS4 will assist you figure out if your drive is the problem.

Important: Trying to remove your hard drive can damage your PS4’s warranty, so double-check before proceeding.

How to Remove PS4 Hard Drive:

To detach the hard drive, make absolutely sure your PS4 is turned off, after which press into the region where the LED light shows on the top of the device and pull to the left side to pop off the plastic casing.

Afterwards, in the front-left corner of the device, unscrew the screw indicated with the PlayStation button icons with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Finally, remove the hard drive out of your PS4 using the metal handle-like protrusion at the front of the open surface.

After it has been removed, try turning the device on normally or in safe mode. If the issue is with your hard disk, it should boot up normally. In such situation, you’d have to buy a new hard disk.

Final Thoughts

Technology devices are very important and helpful, no doubt. Nobody likes it when technology doesn’t work as it should. And the causes of those failures can result in hours of messing with your gadget or even hundreds of dollars spent attempting to bring it back to where it should be.

In this article, I’ve outlined the steps to troubleshoot your PS4 if it won’t switch on. We suppose you are currently using your PlayStation 4 to play games!

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