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Once you purchase a new PlayStation 5 and otherwise Xbox Series X/Series S system, you will undoubtedly receive an outstanding game controller. 



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The PS5 DualSense controller and the Xbox Wireless controller are both designed to work in tandem with their respective systems, but they do have a life of their own. Use the ideal controller you already have if you merely want a gamepad to play games on your computer or laptop, as well as if you’re tired of the touchscreen controls on your phone or tablet. This article will highlight how to use your Playstation 5 or Xbox Controller with everything.


How Can I Connect a PS5 Controller to Windows 10?

The process is quite simple. Plugging your PS5 DualSensecontroller into a Windows 10 desktop or laptop is the simplest method to use it.

You’ll only need a free USB-A port on your desktop, as well as the USB-C to USB-A cable which arrived with your PS5 will suffice.

Nonetheless, a wireless network is probably preferable, and you can set one up via Bluetooth if your computer has one. Are you unsure? To access the Windows Action Center and display Bluetooth, click the speech bubble icon in the lower-right area of the taskbar. You can get a Bluetooth dongle like this tp-link usbbluetooth adapter if your pc does not have one. For around ten dollars.


How to Connect a PS5 Controller to Windows 10 is as follows:

1. Start by typing “bluetooth” into the Windows search box in the bottom left corner of your taskbar on your Windows 10 PC.
2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on Feather under Bluetooth and other device settings, then select Add bluetooth or other device, then press Bluetooth.
3. For around three seconds, lift your controller and press and hold the Create button in the top left and the central PlayStation logo button at the same time.
4. The light bar on the controller should begin blinking rapidly, indicating that it is in pairing mode.
5. Wireless controller should appear in the Add a device list on your computer, and you can tap on it to connect it.

The PS5 DualSense controller has been connected to your Windows 10 computer. Regrettably, audio does not always operate automatically through the controller. If something like that happens to you, simply hit the speaker icon in your taskbar and select Select playback device from the drop-down menu, then select your headphones or speakers from the list.

Whilst PS5 controller will operate and be programmable in some games, you may find that you won’t be able to do so in others. You can solve this problem by using Steam.


How to Set Up a PS5 DualSense Controller for Steam: What Should You Do?

DualSense controllers are supported by Steam, and any controllers you install should be detected immediately. This is how to put it together:

• To access Steam, go to the top left corner and select Steam. 
• Select Controller from the Adjustment menu, then General Controller Settings. 
• Check the box next to PlayStation Configuration Support.
• Under detected controllers, you should see a playstation 5 controller listed. Click on it to calibrate and set the preferences.
• When you’re ready to play, go to View and select a larger picture setting in the game Steam (note that the controller configuration is only available if you use Big Picture mode). 
• Start the game!

To pull up the Steam menu controller configuration, press and hold the PlayStation logo button in any game. This will as well set up the DualSense controller.


How to Connect an Xbox Controller to a PC Running Windows 10

Actually, you may use a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect your Xbox wireless controller to your Windows 10 laptop and enjoy using it pretty quickly, however a wireless network is ideal. You have two options for wireless pairing with an Xbox controller.


You’ll need one xbox wireless adapter for windows 10 to get the highest result, which connects directly into the USB port on your desktop or laptop. It can support up to eight controllers at once, but it’s best known for its wireless stereo sound capabilities, which allows you to plug a headset into the controller’s socket. In principle, it might also provide a more stable and speedier connection than Bluetooth.


How to Use an Xbox Controller on a PlayStation 5

Many gamers have wondered if they will be able to use Xbox controllers with the Playstation 5.

Absolutely, the Xbox controller can be used on the PS5. The PS remote play app for Android or iPhone is required to utilize the Xbox One controller on the PS5. Adapters such as the Gam3Gear Brook adapter, which allows the Xbox One controller to function on the PS4, currently do not work on the PS5 due to a software upgrade. Which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.


Now let us take a gander at the actual procedure now that you know it’s possible to connect your Xbox One controller to the PlayStation 5.

On the PS5, there’s only one method to utilize the Xbox One / Xbox Series S/X controller. That is, to use the PS Remote Play software for iOS and Android.

A PS5, the Playstation Remote Play App, and an Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One controller are all required. An Android device running Android 10 or above, or an iPhone or iPad running ISO 13 or higher.


Here’s how to do it on iOS, however the process is the same on Android:

1. To begin, use Bluetooth to connect the Xbox controller to your iOS device.
2. Then, on your mobile, install the PS Remote Play software.
3. Open the PS Remote Play application. If you haven’t already done so, it will prompt you to connect a controller.
4. After you’ve registered your controller, you’ll be given the option of connecting to a PS4 or PS5. PS5 is selected.
5. When you select PS5, the software will attempt to locate your Playstation. Select Register manually instead of letting it search for you automatically. You’ll be prompted to enter an eight-digit number.
6. After that, go to Settings > System > Remote Play > Link Device on your Playstation 5.
7. Select “Link Device” from the drop-down menu. Your Playstation is going to generate the number.
8. In the PS remote play app on your iOS device, type this number.

It’s finished! Simply place your phone near the Playstation and start playing.


Additional tips: Whenever remote playing, keep your iOS/Android device plugged in and charged because it will quickly drain the battery. Moreover, If feasible, use an ethernetcable to connect your Playstation to your router.

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