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You might have been hearing or using roku with your television for some time now. What’s their purpose? Rokus are now the most mainstream TV streaming boxes for just a simple fact: they’re simple to use and come with a large selection of streaming networks. They’re also one of the favorites. However, deciding which one to purchase is not so simple. There are four distinct Roku streaming devices available right now, this does not include TVs and soundbars, although there are plenty of older ones on Amazon and other sites. This article will highlight the best Rokus that we believe are perfect for your TV.

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The Best Rokus for Your Television

We’re here just to assist you in identifying the appropriate rokufor your TV. If you’re thinking the same thing, then would like the best Roku for the cheapest price.

Beginning with the most basic model, we’ve broken down the features on the ones we believe you’ll actually want to own.


Roku Express 4K Plus

Roku Express 4K Plus is a streaming device that allows you to watch 4K content.

The Express 4K Plus, which supersedes the older Premiere in Roku’s portfolio, costs $10 as much as the base model and allows you to watch 4K material in HDR10 at a higher resolution (if your TV supports it). On the remote, there are power and volume controls, as well as a decent voice search. Even long email addresses that are difficult to input with a remote can be spelled out using your voice. There are better and more competent Rokus available for newer 4K TVs, but if you want to save money, acquire this one.


Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus

For the most part, this is really the best Roku. Roku’s Streaming Stick Plus has always been our pick of the range, and now it’s even better with this 4K Plus edition, which lets you stream in Dolby Vision. It connects directly to your TV’s HDMI connector, and another cable connects to a USB port for power or to the wall, just like the other sticks. With such a longer-range wireless receiver, Roku claims it’s 30 percent faster. I’ve never had a Roku device that was slow, but this one does.

The new voice remote is the most noticeable difference. Others have a microphone button that you can press and hold for voice, but this one features a hands-free mode. There’s a sliding button just on side if you don’t want Roku to listen in.

You can also configure two buttons with whatever shortcuts work best for you.


Roku Express HD

Consider the Roku Express to be similar to the express checkout line at the grocery store: quick, yet limited if you have a large order. It’s designed for folks who have a regular HDTV (not 4K Ultra HD). 

Roku Express HD offers the very same Roku menus and channels as the other boxes, but it lacks features such as voice search and remote control of your TV’s volume. Because the remote control communicates using infrared (rather than another wireless standard), it must be within visual range of the Roku box to function.


Roku Streambar

Both of Roku’s Streambars are excellent all-in-one options for upgrading your TV’s streaming functionality and audio quality in one fell swoop. This one is only 14 inches long, making it suitable for smaller rooms and TVs, or simply if you want something more than the speakers on your TV.

The Dolby audio on this tiny device boosted the volume on the TV and improved the clarity of my discussions. There’s also the Roku Ultra’s Night Listening mode, which mutes explosive sounds so you don’t wake up the entire home. There are volume and power controls on the remote, as well as voice control.


Roku Ultra (2020)

Roku’s luxurious Ultra model has been updated with faster Wi-Fi, a speedier overall system, and the ability to stream in Dolby Vision, which was a feature we highlighted was missing in its predecessor. All of the capabilities we’ve discussed thus far, such as dual-band Wi-Fi and voice search, are available on the Ultra. It also includes an Ethernet port for much more stable connected connections, a headphone socket on the remote for watching TV shows in secret while others sleep, and a USB slot and a remote finder, among other modest features.

You’ll appreciate the night listening mode, which equalizes audio so that movie explosions don’t wake up the entire home. Two customizable favorites buttons on the remote make it incredibly simple to start YouTube or another app.


TCL 5 Series (50-inch, 2020)

If you’re looking for a new television, a TCL with something like a built-in Roku could kill two birds with one stone. The 5-Series has Dolby Vision support and visual quality comparable to more expensive LG and Samsung models, not to mention the user-friendly Roku interface. Right now, it’s one of our favorite televisions. The 6-Series is an upgrade if you can toss in a few additional Franklins, but it’s still a wonderful deal.

Be cautious that certain newer TCL models also support Android TV, so make absolutely sure you get a Roku-approved model before you buy.


Roku Streambar Pro

Choose the Streambar Pro if you’ve a larger living room or TV. It has four 2.5-inch full-range drivers and measures 32 inches long. (There are four 1.9-inch drivers in the smaller Streambar.) This one also comes with a remote control with two programmed buttons and a headphone jack for private listening, so you won’t have to compromise music quality when the rest of the house is sleeping.



Roku is a very good gadget for your television streaming. Even the most stylish connected TVs actually benefit from a discrete streaming device to house all of your favorite apps in a simple-to-use interface. 

Roku devices are the favorites because they’re easy to set up and use, and they’re compatible with all of the main streaming services, including newer ones like Peacock and HBO Max.

That’s the size of this write-up as we’ve been able to highlight the best rokus you should get for your TV sets.


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