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Cookies are small text files that websites save on your device to enhance your browsing experience. These files contain data that help websites remember your login information and preferences and deliver locally relevant content. Thanks to cookies, you don’t have to enter your login credentials all the time you visit a website or set your browsing preferences.

However, cookies build up over time and may result in browsing issues, such as slow loading and formatting errors. Deleting cookies on the best Android smartphone helps solve these problems. Also, deleting cookies releases storage space. If you don’t know how to delete cookies on Android, this guide can help.

How to delete cookies on Android in Google Chrome

You can delete cookies on all the major Android browsers. Below are the steps to delete cookies on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Samsung Internet, as these are the most popular Android browsers. Use the steps below to delete cookies on most Chromium-based browsers, including Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Brave.

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1. Open the Chrome app on Android and click on the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner. 

2. Open Settings.

3. Select the Privacy and security option. 

4. Tap the Clear browsing data option.

5. Set the Time range to All time and select the Cookies and site data option.

6. Tap Clear data to delete cookies from your device.

How to delete cookies on Android on Samsung Internet 

1. Launch the Samsung Internet app and tap the three lines icon in the bottom right corner. 

2. Tap Settings. 

3. Under the privacy section, tap Personal Browsing Data. 

4.  Tap Delete browsing data.

5. Select Cookies and site data (and whatever else you wish to delete).

6. Tap Delete data.

In conclusion, deleting cookies also deletes your saved login credentials and website preferences. That means you must log in to your accounts again, which might be inconvenient if you clear cookies too frequently.

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