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 Snapchat’s Snap Map is getting a new safety feature that lets users share their real-time location with their pals.

The function, dubbed Live Location, doesn’t require the app to be active in order to transmit your location, but it does necessitate a two-way friendship. Snap Inc. claims that privacy is a key component of Live Location, and that it has implemented a number of security features to protect user safety.

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Snap Map has had a tool to share your location since 2017, but it was never real-time and only provided a geographical area rather than an exact position. It also required that the app be open. You may keep your phone in your pocket or purse while Live Whereabouts transmits your location.

By default, Live Location is turned off, and you won’t be able to broadcast your location to the rest of the world because sharing your location is limited to mutually added friends. Prior to using Live Location, Snapchat will show you how to utilize the new function and manage its settings through a tutorial.

The GPS tracker looks to have a set timer ranging from 15 minutes to eight hours, as seen by Yahoo! Finance and Snap Inc. Snaps shared between friends and “sensitive areas” would remain private, according to the release.

Live Location is the outcome of a collaboration with It’s On Us, a non-profit group dedicated to ending sexual assault on college campuses that was created in 2014.

Snapchat invites users to read its Live Location support page for more details, and it welcomes any input that could help the tool develop.

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