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 Are you looking for Playstation 5 accessories to complete your gaming setup? Congratulations, and welcome to the realm of next-generation console gaming! We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and less-obvious features to help you get the most out of your new console.

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10 PlayStation 5 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

Here are some intriguing PS5 tips, techniques, and secret features you won’t want to miss out on.

Make Sure You’re Playing the PS5 Version of a Game

While it’s nice that PS4 games can be played on the PS5, it might be confusing at times. Certain older games have been improved for the newer console, so make sure you’re playing the most recent version for the greatest experience.

Examine the game’s title on the home screen more closely. PS4 will appear next to any PS4 version. You can also select Game Library from the right-hand menu, then sort and filter your games by Platform using the left-hand Sort and Filter icon.

Figure Out how To turn Off the PS5

You might scoff at the second suggestion. How difficult can it be to turn off your console? You wouldn’t waste ten minutes looking for the option. It turns out that pressing the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller once is all that’s required. You don’t have to hold it down like you would on the PS4. A menu appears down the bottom of the screen once you tap that button.

Transfer Files and Games From Your PS4

You may want to transfer games, settings, and other files to your new console if you’re upgrading from a PS4. You’ll be requested to do this during setup, but you can always go back and do it afterwards. It’s a good idea to have both consoles plugged in and turned on before you begin, with an Ethernet cable connecting them. Wi-Fi is an option, although it will take longer.

Go to Settings on the PS5, then System > System Software when you’re ready. Select Data Transfer, then Continue and select your PS4. When Prepare for Data Transfer appears, press and hold the PS4’s power button for a few seconds.

See How Long You’ve Played a Game

It’s easier than ever to keep track of how much time you’ve spent playing PlayStation games. Select your avatar in the top right corner of the PS5’s home screen, then Profile, then Games. Each game’s total playtime is displayed next to it, with trophy progress displayed on the right.

Make a Few Changes to Your Controller’s Settings

The DualSense controller on the PS5 is fantastic, and it’s a significant improvement over the DualShock 4. The tactile sensation of the triggers, as well as the range of vibrations, add to the immersion, which changes dynamically in reaction to on-screen activity. The default settings are fine for me, but if you wish to lessen the intensity of the vibrations or the trigger effects, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers.

Because you can use your old DualShock 4 controllers to play PS4 games on the PS5, you can dim the lights on their indicators here.

Get More Interactive Virtual Sound With 3D Audio

3D Audio is a highlight of the PS5, allowing game developers to wrap sound effects to everything around you to augment the false impression that you’re actually in the environment. However, you’ll need headphones or earbuds to take advantage of this feature. By default, 3D Audio is set on, so put headphones into your controller and hear the difference right away. However, you should adjust it for your hearing by going to Settings > Sound > Audio Output.

Choose Adjust 3D Audio Profile from the drop-down menu beneath Enable 3D Audio and select the level that sounds best to you from the five options.

Capture Screenshots and Videos (or Don’t)

Sony has included the ability to take pictures and record gameplay videos, as well as the ability to broadcast. Simply press the Create button on the left side of the controller touchpad.

If you press and hold the button, it will take a snapshot by default, but you can modify this in Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures.

It’s worth noting that the PS5 records video and screenshots of every trophy award.

Get Much More Storage Space

A lightning-fast solid-state drive (SSD) for storage is one of the ways the PS5 outperforms the PS4. Game downloads are also reduced due to segmentation and a reduction in the requirement for redundant data. But you may still use up the allocated 667 gigabytes fairly rapidly if you play dozens of different games.

An internal expansion slot has been added by Sony, allowing you to add an approved M.2 SSD drive. Check out our instructions for setting up internal PS5 storage. You could also use a USB port on your PS5 to connect an external SSD or HDD that supports USB 3.0 or higher. The catch is that you can only play PS4 games that have been saved to that device.

Choose From a Variety of Game Presets

Go to Settings > Saved Data > Game/App Settings > Game Presets to save time customizing games for your tastes. Choose your chosen game difficulty, performance or graphic quality, and camera movement for first- and third-person options, with the option to enable inverted controls by default.

Save Power

You may be whisked away from the front line and forget that your console is still turned on. Go to Settings > System > Power Saving to avoid wasting power or exhausting your controller battery. You can choose how long your PS5 should delay before engaging Rest Mode, as well as when your controllers should switch off after a certain amount of time without input.

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