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 If you’re a game freak who is passionate about soccer games, then FIFA 21 is one of such which will give you more fun. This game is rated by most Android gamers as one of the leading football games just like PES, WE, FTS, and the rest of them. 

In our bid to help you get your favorite game, this our article will highlight the game in details. We will as well give you the download links to get FIFA 2021 Mod APK + OBB Data, install and play the football game on your Android phone. Continue reading this article to the last punctuation mark as we delineate all of these.


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An Overview of FIFA 21 Game

FIFA 21 MOD Apk + OBB data is the latest version of FIFA game series. The renown soccer game is currently available and prepared for you to download. 

One interesting thing about this FIFA 21 Apk game is that it works offline without the need for mobile data on any android phone. This 2021 version of the game is adjusted from FIFA 2014 Android, works quicker with great gameplay, in addition to full discourse so you can have a genuine football gaming experience on your smartphone. 


FIFA 21 is quite similar to the preceding version, FIFA 20 Mod; it includes the most recent winter and summer transfer for the top football competitions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The gameplay is improved, designs and graphics improved, more stadiums are added and units are as well updated. There are many more to discover in this intriguing soccer game.


As you continue reading this piece, you will get the FIFA 21 full APK game download link, how to download and install it on your device, plus extra info on the best way to install the game. 


What’s New About FIFA 2021 

There are some new development in this new game. This makes it edge slightly from the preceding ones. The new things in FIFA 21 game includes the following:

• FIFA 21 graphics and textures
• New menu
• New style of live camera
• FIFA 21 has new faces for players like Neymar, Hazard, Messi, Virgil, and others.
• They are real faces as well.
• New and improved shaders and textures
• New Improved AI Processor Game Attributes
• New grass
• New start
• New ball
• New complete kits 2021
• Some of the latest 2021 kits
• Fix career mode
• Bugfix mini kits
• Fix bug hair (not all players)
• Fix bug kits.


General Features of FIFA 21 APK Game  

Here are what the latest version of FIFA game is made up of:

• There is the FIFA 21 Official Team
• This game is based on FIFA 20 official player ranking
• Added new teams for RPL 20/21
• Update winter player transfer for RPL.
• Update on player transfer for Brasileiro Serie A.
• An addition of FIFA 21 ICON Squad.
• An addition of new FIFA21 20/21 kits.
• An addition of new FIFA21 2021 emblem / logos.
• Added new FIFA21 Cup 2021 emblem / logos.
• An addition of new 20/21 mini kits from FIFA21.
• Added a new 20/21 mini faces from FIFA21.
• An addition of fresh new themes. 
• Added a new FIFA21 EPL winter balloon.
• An addition of new fresh terrain/grass. 
• Added new FIFA21 EFL font number textures
• An addition of new advertising boards. 
• There is an update on language [names] for leagues, cup and club.


How to Download FIFA 2021 Apk + OBB Data on Android 

Let’s dive directly into the high point of this article as we look outline the FIFA 2021 Mod APK + OBB download links in the next paragraph. 


Below are the links to download FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 for Android Apk plus OBB Data. Note that the files are in Zip format, you should utilize ZArchiver Pro Apk to extract or unzip them. Subsequently in this article, we will give you a guide on how that is done.


Game Download Details:

• Title: FIFA 21 APK
• Style: offline
• File size: 700 MB
• Compatibility: Android 4.1 or higher
• Minimum requirements: 1 GB RAM / 4 GB ROM
• Downloads: +500,000


DOWNLOAD FIFA 21 APK + OBB http://www.mediafire.com/file/5xc8eblpiezr5d6/FIFA+21+MOD+FIFA+14+NEW+UPDATE+LINK+BY+M+PRO+GAMING.zip/file


We can guarantee that this game is safe to download. The files are protected and liberated from virus. You simply need to tap on them to get the documents to start downloading. Read the following paragraph to learn the steps to install FIFA 21 game on your Android device. 


How  to Install FIFA 2021 APK + OBB Data on Android 

Here is how to install the football game to your Android device:

1. First, you will have to download FIFA 21 Apk and OBB Data from the link we gave. 
2. Then, use Zarchiver Apk App to extract the game files.
3. Find FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Obb Data Rar or Zip file in the downloads folder. 
4. Click on it and an option menu will pop up. 
5. Click “Extract” on the option menu list. 
6. Promptly explore or go to Device Memory by clicking/storage/emulated at the top point of Zarchiverinterface. 
7. A drop down menu will display to click phone memory, then, at that point click and hold on to follow subsequent step below. 
8. While you halted at phone memory, click “Extract symbol” – it seems as though a arrow pointing downwards. 
9. What you will do now is to stand by till the OBB data file is totally extracted after coming to 100%. 
10. At last install FIFA 21 Apk or Extract (in case the file is in zip format). However, note that occasionally the Apkprobably won’t be compacted to zip or rar format. 
11. At the point when the above processes are carried out successfully, you should find a FIFA 21 App icon in your phone application menu. 

At last, tap to launch the game and begin playing your favorite football game!



FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk OBB Data is an offline soccer game for Android. This means that you wouldn’t have to use a mobile data or network before you can play your game. 

FIFA 21 is also a game in which you can deal with your own virtual football team or play competitions and become the winner of the season. 

The new FIFA 2021 game function admirably on most new Android devices with no glitches. We have given the links to download this game to your Android smartphone and enjoy the competition.

That’s the size of this write-up about the most recent FIFA 21 Mod APK for Android. We believe you now have the knowledge of this interesting football game.

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