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How to quickly re-install any Android app you’ve ever used

You can quickly bre-install any app you have used before on any Android phone with Google play store. This feature is simple to use. With this feature, you can easily go back and install any application you’ve used before, without having to either dig deep into the recesses of your memory or search for it in the Play Store.

The feature in question is called the Library. From this features you can, with a single tap, install any app you’ve ever installed on any Android device you’ve ever associated with your Google account. 

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How to use the Google Play Store Library

  • On you Android device open Google play store and tap the Menu button to the left of the Search bar
  • You will see a resulting sidebar, tap My Apps & Games.

  • in the next window, tap the Library tab near the top of the page  
  • Once in the Library, you can scroll through the listing of all the apps you’ve ever installed. 
  • You can list the apps either alphabetically or by most recently installed. To select which, tap the Filter button near the top right of the display and select from either Recent or Alphabetical. 

Once you’ve located an app, tap the associated Install button and the app will install (no need to OK the installation).
And that’s all there is to installing any Android app you’ve ever used from within the Google Play Store. This should make finding and installing that long lost Android application a snap. 

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