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 PDFs are regularly used when distributing files in order that they’re seen the same way by all parties. Because they’re designed in this way, they may be pretty hard to edit. You may also need to transform your PDF to a Word record so you could make changes on your textual content easily.

However, there can be instances while you want that record in any other layout apart from a PDF. For example, a potential employer may want to study your resume. Originally stored as a PDF, they will choose to view it in Word rather than Adobe’s software program.

In this manual, we’re going to put you thru the various ways you may convert PDFs to Word files that you can then edit.

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Unfortunately one of best way to change your PDF file to a word document is the the use of Adobe Acrobat Dc.

Adobe Acrobat DC is not free

. The standard model costs $12.ninety nine per month and usually for Windows only, The pro version which is available on Windows or Mac, will set you back $14.ninety nine every month.

Adobe Acrobat DC is a top notch application

If you will be running with PDFs on a daily basis, it’s really really well worth the money. However, in case you simply want to transform a PDF to a Word record once in a while, there are different free method of doing so. If that’s the case, move to the following sections. If you have already got Adobe Acrobat DC or in case you’re going to buy it, study on.

To get started, open the PDF in Acrobat DC and click on “Export PDF” with the proper-hand pane.

Next, pick out “Microsoft Word” after which “Word Document” As the export format . Click “Export.”

All that’s left to do is choose a location to save the document. After you pick a location, Acrobat DC will convert the document.

Convert PDF to Word with Microsoft Word

If you have a subscription, Using Microsoft Word is a good option to convert PDFs to Word documents ,The formatting doesn’t always line up and the text may not be exact. If you have Acrobat or don’t mind trying a web-based converter, we suggest trying another option if the formatting is unusable. After all, other solutions may be more accurate.

  1. Launch Word and click Openlisted on the left.
  2. Locate the PDF you want to convert using one of the three locations listed under the Personal and Other locations headers: OneDrive, This PC, or Browse.
  3. Select the PDF you want to convert, just like opening a Word file. Word will then bring up a notification that lets you know it’s going to convert the PDF to an editable Word document. It may take some time, and it may not look exactly like the PDF due to formatting differences. Select OK to continue.
  4. Word will then convert the document into a Word file and open it. Take a look at the formatting and make sure you can edit the document as you want without graphics or text behaving strangely. If everything works, you’re good to go!

Although they don’t all have conversion tools, these are the best Microsoft Office alternatives.

Convert a PDF to a Word Document Using Google Docs

 Google Docs gives another secure and dependable way to convert your PDF file to a Word document It’s a two step method where you first convert the document to a Google Docs , after which convert it to a Word document so is possible you loose a few formatting along the way. If you’ve got Word, you’re really better off simply doing it in Word. But, this method may be beneficial in case you don’t have Word, however want to transform a PDF to a Word document you plan to send along with someone else.

  •  Open up your Google Drive, after which click on the “New” button.
  •  Click the “File Upload” alternative.
  •  Locate your PDF file after which click on the “Open” button.
  •  Your new file will now seem to your Google Drive.
  •  Next, proper click on your Google Drive, click on the “Open With”
  • menu, after which click on the “Google Docs” alternative.
  •  Your file is now open as a Google Doc document .
  •  Now, click on the “File” menu.
  •  Click the “Download As” menu, after which click on the “Word Document (.docx)” alternative.

Your Google Docs file may be transformed to Word format and downloaded on your local PC as a Word record.

Convert PDF to Word with web apps

There are different freemium programs for converting PDFs to word documents, If you don’t want to pay for Acrobat or Microsoft 365, You Just have to upload your file and then choose a conversion process to get started. You can even use these programs to send converted PDFs to many locations, from email to cloud storage.

Nitro PDF to Word:

This program is a free online service which helps to email the Word file to a specified address, which is useful when working on business or school projects.


Small PDF is fast, simple, and free , it has all desirable features for internet app. Its also permits you to add and export without delay to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Smallpdf safeguards your privacy by implementing an automated elimination feature that destroys all uploads after an hour. The only downside is that you only get two free conversion tasks per day for free.


LIGHT PDF is the best document converter out there .This free, user-friendly tool can convert your PDF into a Word file as well as a PNG, JPG, PPT, or TXT – and then convert it back to a PDF (except for TXT, which doesn’t appear to be able to convert back to a PDF). When you finish using the tools to convert your files, the converter automatically deletes the uploaded file, if you used the service without logging in. Logged-in users can manually delete these files from their accounts.

FormSwift PDF Editor:

FormSwift PDF Editor is easy because it gives you the opportunity to open a PDF file and export it as a .docx file. If can also edit the PDF file before directing it to .docx, You don’t have to commit right away, either. You can create an account for any editing needs without been restricted in FormSwift offers because it offers a free trial period, You can also send the files you edit to your email account or a colleague.

In conclusion the guidelines above helps you to convert your PDF file to word document.

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