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 Discord is well known as the best voice, text, and video chat platform for gamers, developers, and content creators.

However, making use of Discord screen share is an easy way to share visible information with your colleagues at work, stream let’s-plays, and connect with like-minded fans.

You can as well use it to share sound on Discord and video.

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Read below to learn how to screen share in Discord through direct messages.

How to Use Discord Screen Share

Below are the steps on how to use Discord Screen Share.

  •  First enter a voice channel on a server before you can use Discord screen share, first, enter a voice channel on a server.
  •  You can as well choose to join a video call or share your screen Once you enter a voice channel,
  •  Discord will then ask you to select which utility or display screen you want to “go live”. You will then begin to share your screen.
  •  You have to make sure your voice settings are set to the microphone you’re using so that you can share sound on Discord.
  •  You will have to click on microphone button in the voice chat to mute yourself If you want to screen share with no audio. While you are screen sharing, you can also continue to communicate via text channels.

you can get up to 25 people to join your Discord stream. If you want to go back to showing webcam video while sharing your screen, simply click on the video button.

How to screen share on Discord on Windows and MacOS

  1. Launch Discord on your Windows PC or Mac and log in to your account.
  2. Enter a voice channel on the server which you need to share your screen with. Once you have entered the channel, search for the Screen button on the lowest left corner of Discord’s window. It ought to be right above the options to mute your microphone and headset.
  3. Once you pick out the Screen option, a new pop up window ought to appear with tabs for Applications and Screens. The former will consist of all the apps that are running on your PC.  In the process of selecting one, mention a game that you are playing, you can then share the entire window with your viewers.  If you minimize the application, The screen sharing feature will begin to work . You can however share your whole screen by selecting the correct screen under the Screens tab.
  4. After you select your stream source, you will get a confirmation with additional options to select the resolution and frame rate. By default, you can only share 720p at 30fps. You can possibly get higher resolution and frame rate by subscribing to Discord Nitro.
  5. After checking all the settings, hit the Go Live button on the pop-up window. A tiny screen share window should appear on the bottom right showing you a preview of what is being shared.
  6.  Select the screen button that is highlighted in green if you want to quit sharing your screen, select the Screen button . A menu should open with options to change screen share settings, change the window that you want to share, and lastly, the option to stop screen share. Select Stop Streaming to end your session.

How to Screen Share in Discord Through a Direct Message

In addition to Discord servers and voice channels, you can also communicate with friends via direct message. The default method involves conversing with a single person via text chat, but you can add additional people to a DM and even initiate a voice or video call. If you begin such a call, share your screen to everyone who has been invited to the DM.

Unlike the method that uses a Discord voice channel, and this method doesn’t require you to use any specific Discord server, This methods will allow you to tight control over who will be able to see your stream, Unlike the method that uses a Discord

Here’s how to screen share through a Discord direct message:

  •  Launch Discord, and click the Discord logo in the upper-left corner.
  •  Click any DM, including individual and group DMs, or create a new DM.
  •  Click the Call icon near the top right that looks like a phone handset.
  •  Click the Turn on Screen Share icon that looks like a monitor with an arrow in it.
  •  Choose your resolution and frames per second (FPS), then click Application Window.
  •  Select the game or application window to stream, and click Share
  • Your stream will appear in a large window above the text portion of the DM.
  • Move your mouse over your stream and click the screen icon with the X in it if you want to stop streaming.

Setting Up Discord Screen Share & Video Call

Voice And Video Settings For Screen Sharing On Discord

1. There are specific settings that have to be applied before you can provide the best output on your Discord screen share. This also applies to a video chat/video call and a voice call over the app.

2. Open the User Settings. It is the cog icon on the lower left part of the window, next to your username and tag.

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of options under sections. From the App Settings section, click on the Voice & Video.

4. Under the Voice Settings, you can check the voice input and output. You might have audio issues if the settings aren’t proper. Run a microphone test if you want to. Especially when you have two or more displays, this is where you will have to fix the audio issues that will inevitably arise. You can also set the trigger to give voice inputs.

5. You can adjust your web camera settings if you wanted to be on camera under the Video settings, You can even run a test if you wish.

How Does Screen Sharing Work in Discord?

You can allow anyone even a small group of friends or anyone who has the access to a specific Discord server or voice channel to view

your game stream when you share your screen. There two different ways you can share your screen in Discord:

  • While you are connected to a voice channel in a Discord server.
  • You can also share during a call placed through a direct message.

The first method allows for more flexibility as anyone who has access to the voice channel can check out your stream, while the second method is useful if you only want to screen share with a specific group of people.

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