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Make use of BluetoothHDMI or Wi-Fi for a wireless connection between your phone and TV

These days, smart TVs are mostly used which simply means they can be connected to the internet and apps like Netflix and YouTube can be installed on it.  You can however add one of the best streaming devices to your smart TVs if there’s anything missing and you want to access most of the video or broadcasting content.



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There are different types of procedures which you can make use of to connect a smartphone to your TV wirelessly. Some methods work using just the TV and phone while you will have to buy additional hardware for others.

How Do I Connect My Phone to My TV Wirelessly? 

In this article, The method which is explained works for both Android phones and iPhones, though compatibility may vary depending on the TV model being used and the type of media being sent to it.

Connect to the TV with AirPlay (iOS)

On your IOS devices , you will have the opportunity to make use of AirPlay, which is the Apple’s proprietary technology that allows streaming between devices of audio and video wirelessly.

Originally, AirPlay is implemented only in Apple devices, but however if you want to send content from the best iPhone or the best iPad to your Apple TV, AirPlay will have you sorted. If the both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, they will automatically discover each other, and you will be able to select the AirPlay connection in your phone’s settings, the same way you would with Bluetooth for connecting to the best wireless headphones.

Send Media to Your TV Wirelessly With Google Cast 

Google Cast is mostly referred to as Chromecast, it is a wireless protocol that is created by Google which allows the transmission of data between devices. 

Chromecast is developed by Google, it is also the name of a line of streaming stick devices which support the Chromecast wireless technology. 

Google cast as a strong support from Android smartphones while iPhones on the other hand, prefer Apple’s own AirPlay guidelinesHowever, some of the IOS apps still support Google cast for wirelessly connecting to a TV and several third-party apps can add support where it’s lacking.

Smart TVs running Android TV and Google TV usually as built-in support for Google Cast, unlike many other smart TVs on the market.

Make sure you always check the features of a smart TV’s on the manufacturer’s website to know if it has the features you need.

Google Cast has lots of features, it can be used for casting Apple TVApple Musicand Google Photos media to TVs in addition to a wide range of other content and screen mirroring.

Connect to the TV with USB


If your smart TV has a USB port, it is a simple way of getting your files onscreen, because Most smartphone charging cables end with a USB connector, to easily link up with laptops or power adaptors 

You’re technically transferring files to open on your TV, rather than transmitting your phone’s display, though, so this is better for looking at your own photos and videos than anything else.

Like on a laptop or desktop PC, you should then be able to head to ‘Source’ on your smart TV platform, and select USB. You should get a prompt on your smartphone screen that enabled you to transfer files (rather than simply charge the device through your TV).

Connect to the TV with HDMI

HDMI cable is the most dependable way to connect your phone to the TV. Which is used for transferring both audio and video from the same source and almost every TV have an HDMI port. However, some TVs are beginning to have HDMI 2.1, but what you only need is the more common HDMI 2.0 standard if you’re not handling 8K content.

Your phone won’t have an HDMI port, but there are handy adaptors that will bolt HDMI ports onto your phone’s USB Type-C, micro USB, or lightning ports.

While some Android tablets will have mini HDMI or micro HDMI ports, which can connect directly to HDMI over a single cable. Whatever port you’re hoping to connect from, make sure your cable is compatible with that connection.

Below are some of the more popular streaming sticks used by people to wirelessly connect smartphones to TVs:

  • Google Chromecast: Google Chromecast devices  allows smartphones to cast and mirror content on TVsNormally, Chromecasts work better with Android phones, though iPhones still provide some support for certain apps and functions.
  • Apple TV: Using Apple AirPlay, Apple TV devices allow you to stream from your iPhone to your TV . Apple TV also allow you to install lots of streaming apps and video games from the App Store. Apple TV is only meant for people with iPhones it is not recommended for Android users who don’t have an Apple account.
  • Amazon Fire Stick: Amazon Fire streaming sticks, it allows wireless connectivity through Google Cast which is also known as Chromecast and it also enables the installation of streaming apps and games. 
  • Roku: This streaming sticks also allows the wireless casting and mirroring of content from both iPhones and Android smartphones. Roku devices also feature a large number of channels and apps.


Connect via Built-In Smart TV Apps 

Making a wireless connection is not needed If you just want to connect to your TV so you can watch content from Netflix, Disney Plus, and other streaming services, as most of these services can be accessed directly via their official apps without the need for a smartphone.

All you have to do is install the app you want to you on your Smart TV and make use of your remote control to log in directly to the service on your TV. Once you are done with that, you can then use your remote to control the app and select what content to consume.

Apps can be installed on the following types of devices:

  •  Smart TVs
  • Video game consoles
  • Streaming sticks
  • Some modern Blu-ray players

In conclusion, lots of cloud storage platforms also have official apps you can access on your TV or its connected devices. This simply means instead of you casting content from your smartphone, you can log into your cloud service on your TV and access your photos, videos, and documents directly. For example, OneDrive content can be accessed via the OneDrive app on Xbox consoles.




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