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If you have ever noticed that you’re no longer receiving text notifications on your iPhone, you don’t need to panic, this type of problem is common. This article will provide common solutions to help you out of this issue.

Why iPhone not getting text notifications?

There are a lot of reasons you might not be getting text notifications on an iPhone. If you are receiving texts but not notifications, here are the most common causes:

  • Software bug: It is fact that iOS 13 got some bugs like photos missing, not receive notification, and so on when it initially came out. 
  • Notification is turned off: You can’t get notification on your iPhone once the “allow Notification” option is disabled, as well as iPad, Apple Watch. 
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: This is a feature that silences all alerts and calls on your iPhone. You can turn it off to solve this problem. 
  • Bluetooth connection: if you connect your iPhone with other devices through Bluetooth, the notification can be found on the connected device. So it can’t be found on your iPhone.

How to Fix an iPhone Not Receiving Text Messages from Anyone.

In just few seconds, technology allow us send messages to anyone anywhere in the world. Hence, you probably use your iPhone’s messaging app as often as you make actual calls, if not more. 

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You might already know the three critical components required to send a text message, including your device, the app, and the network. Regardless, problems that occur with one or more of the above components include:

  • The device is not working correctly.
  • The network is not receiving or sending messages.
  • The messaging app is malfunctioning.

If any of the above problems occur, you might not get that message you expect. In those scenarios, To fix that problem and start receiving notifications again, try these fixes.

1. Restart your device: In some cases, the issue may be with iOS and not the Messages app. When that happens, restarting the iPhone will usually fix the problem.

2. Check your iPhone’s available space: Check your iPhone space If you can’t receive texts because they contain images or videos, make sure you have enough storage space. Delete messages you don’t need and use a phone cleaner

3. Check carrier support: Ensure your carrier supports SMS and MMS messages.

4. Ensure your iPhone is configured to receive messages by navigating to “Settings -> Messages ->Send & Receive.”

5. If your iPhone does not receive messages contact Apple support, online or by phone. You can also download the Apple Support app for more help.

6. Reset your network: Navigate to “Settings -> General,” tap on “Reset,” then choose “Reset Network Settings.”

7. Check for updates for your iPhone: If your iPhone has an update available, try installing it.

Make sure to update your Apple Watch too if you have one, as having one up to date and the other behind on updates can cause notifications to appear on the Apple Watch but not on your iPhone.

8. Update carrier settings: Navigate to “Settings -> General -> About ->

9. Check Airplane Mode: Pull down the “Control Center” from the upper-right corner of the “Home” screen, tap on the “airplane” icon to turn “Airplane Mode” on, and then repeat to turn it back off.

10.Disable and enable iMessage: Navigate to “Settings -> Messages.”Tap on “iMessage” to toggle it off, repeat to turn it back on, choose “OK,” then have someone send you a text to confirm.

Bonus tip: Backup iPhone text messages to protect data from loss

Normally, Text messages or iMessages contains chats from other important people that we don’t want to lose.However, if you never backup your iPhone messages, once your messages get hacked or your iPhone is lost, you may lose your text message forever.

Hence, after solving the “iPhone not getting text notifications” issue, it is better to backup your messages to another safe place like a PC or an external disk, USB drive.

We however recommend a well known iOS backup tool named AOMEI MBackupper. With this tool, you will be able to backup your iPhone messages to a PC or external drive easily.

Additionally, this tool performs well in protecting your data by the following advantages:

  • Fast backup: This tool is one of the fastest backup tools that enable you to make a backup in a very short time. 
  • Incremental Backup: If you have a backup with it, next time you can only backup the newly added messages to save you lots of time. 
  • Support multiple file types: Aside from text messages, AOMEI MBackupper also helps you to backup music, videos, pictures, contacts, or other data to a computer or external drive.


The steps above is all about how to fix iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 12,13 not getting text notifications on iOS 15/14/13. However, hope these methods can really help you to solve the problem. To avoid message contacts or other data loss, it would be better to backup your iPhone with AOMEI MBackupper. Besides, this tool can help you to move data to PC, like transfer music to computer.

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