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The best solar chargers make use of the sun’s abundant power to keep your devices and batteries topped off. Solar chargers are not just for nature enthusiasts. People who spend a lot of time outdoors, whether that’s camping or commuting, will find them useful, as well. These chargers help keep your devices ready to go without you needing to be near a power outlet.

With so much of our lives rotating round electricity, the case for solar chargers is easy to make. Some solar chargers are small enough to strap on to the top of your backpack, so even as you walk to work, or set your backpack down next to a window on the train or in your car, you can use the sun’s power to your advantage. 

Below are 3 of the best portable solar charger.

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Best Overall: BigBlue 24W Solar Powered Charger

The BigBlue 3 USB ports 24 Watts solar charger is highly portable solar charging solution to buy in 2022 because it gives a remarkable combination of manufacturing quality, price, portability, and charging speed.

It features highly efficient energy conversion SUNPOWER solar cells (up to 23 percent efficiency) and SmartIC technology. what makes BigBlue the best portable solar charger for almost any kind of environment is also its charging performance in diverse weather conditions, which means that this charger will automatically recognize the charging protocol of your devices so that it can deliver the most suitable and fastest charge possible. There is no built in battery, but it has three USB ports which allow you to plug in and split the current between 3 devices at once.

The BigBlue charger delivers a steady energy flow even on cloudy days so you can confidently plan your outdoor activities without having to worry about low battery devices.

This solar charger is made of four SunPower solar panels sewn into a durable canvas and a fifth section that’s more like a small pouch for storing your iPhone or Android phone while charging and thus protecting them from the direct sun exposure and overheating – however, if you have a cable long enough, it’s always better to move your devices into the shade. You can also easily store all the cables in this department.

Inside the pouch there are three USB ports that deliver up to 2.4A per port or 5V/4A overall (depending on how much direct sunlight hits the solar panels), and a small LED that indicates when there is power flowing from the panels.


  • Great value for the price
  • The SmartIC technology
  • Awesome charging speed
  • It has three USB ports
  • High quality material
  • Very compacted when folded

Best Overall: X-DRAGON 40W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger


  • It has many accessories
  • DC charging
  • Folds down small


  • Battery not included
  • It doesn’t have water resistance
  • It is Big 
  • It is expensive

X-DRAGON 40W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger is capable of producing up to 40W of juice from its eight efficient panels. Our best overall charger opens quite large to collect many sunlight with eight high-efficiency panels, but it folds down small enough to fit into your backpack. It doesn’t have water-resistance. so you need to be careful not to get caught out in the rain, and there’s no battery included. But the X-DRAGON SunPower Solar Panel Charger is a great choice if you have larger items that need a charge.

Number of Ports: 2 | Power Output: 2.8A max USB, 18V DC | Types of Ports: USB-A, DC | Number of Cells: 8 | Efficiency: 22 to 25% | Battery Capacity: N/A

Nekteck 28 Watt Solar Charger

Weight: 1.44 pounds

Solar Cell Output Capacity: 28W

Power Output to Device: 28W via USB

It is foldable 

The Nekteck 28 watt solar charger is essentially indistinguishable from the BigBlue without the branding. The specs are similar. Opened up, and without the ammeter, they look essentially identical, too. 

However, in the end, it didn’t perform quite as well as the Big Blue even though it uses the same solar cells and design. In relatively similar conditions, the Anker produced 733 mAh, and the Nekteck produced 834 mAh. It also has a claimed weight of 1 pound, 7 ounces two ounces heavier than the Big Blue. 

What to Look for in a Portable Solar Charger 

Water Resistance

If you are shopping for a solar panel, it is a good idea to look for water resistance in case you unexpectedly get caught out in the rain because solar power comes from the sun, and solar panels work best outside.

Built-In Battery

Solar panels generate power, and that power has to go somewhere. If you just have a solar panel and nothing plugged in, the panels will not generate power, which is fine, but a battery would allow you to not only generate power, but store it until you need it.

Power Output

Have in mind the types of devices you will be using. If all you need to charge is a phone or tablet, most solar panels will be able to do the job. You will need to make sure you have got a setup powerful enough to get the job gone If you need to power something larger, such as a laptop or even a car. 

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