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There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the leading platforms to obtain new knowledge, and it’s especially great for children. But like food, content should be consumed wisely, or the side effects of the same could cause significant harm. 

In this article, we would explain how at how to block YouTube on Chromebook to ensure you’re not consuming too much entertainment content and wasting your time.

How to Block Access to YouTube on Chromebook With an Extension 

Extensions can be added to Chrome rapidly and will put in any time you open a browser. Extensions are most useful if you’re only concerned about YouTube on a specific Chromebook.

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1. Look for extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Try language like site blocker or video blocker. 

Note: Search for extensions from dealers you confide in or that have a high number of reviews, and check the date on the right-hand side to see the version and date it was last updated. Regularly updated extensions are more secure.

2. Choose an extension and click Add To Chrome. Select Add extension to verify.

3. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select Menu (three vertical dots) next to your site blocker extension and click Options. This will take you to the extension’s configuration page. You can block any site from there, usually by adding sites to a block list.

Note: If an extension is interfering with something you need, use the extensions menu, click Menu(three vertical dots), and select Remove From Chrome.

How to Block YouTube on a Chromebook Without an Extension

The addition of an extension is pretty easy, but if, for whatever reason, you don’t find integrating an extension suitable for you, you can follow the steps below instead. 

Here is an easy workaround blocking YouTube without extensions.

1.Click on Settings on your Chrome OS device.

2.When a Menu window is prompted, you will find options on the left; click on Apps.

3.Click on the Turn On button you see next to Google Play Store.

4.Click on Accept on the Google Play apps.

5.Click on Accept on the service screen when the previous action prompts it.

6.Launch Google Play by clicking on the icon on the Chromebook shelf.

7.You can now access and install any Android app, including site blocker apps, on Chromebook.

8.Install the app you have successfully downloaded and use it to block YouTube or any website and app you choose.

How to block YouTube website on Chromebook?

You can block sites on Chromebook by using Chrome extensions. Then, all you have to do is visit the ‘Chrome Web Store.’

1. Type ‘Site Blocker’ in the search bar

2. Click on ‘SiteBlocker.’

3. Now click on ‘Add to Chrome.’

4.A pop-up block comes up asking you if you want to add Siteblocker to your extension. Click on ‘Add Extension’

How to Prevent a YouTube Blocker From Being Deleted 

If you are blocking YouTube for other users, search for an app that needs a password or PIN to make changes or remove it from the Chromebook.For extensions, you can disable the Extensions menu so it can’t be accessed unless the user knows where to find the advanced options.

1. Open a new window in Chrome and enter the address chrome://flags/. This will open the Advanced Configuration section.

2. Type extension in the Search engine and search for Extension Menu Access Control. click Disabled in the dropdown menu, and the extensions menu will not be visible.

In Conclusion, This article explains how to block YouTube on Chrome desktop and mobile. YouTube does not have a desktop app. Using the website is the only way to access YouTube videos on computer. Therefore, computer users only need to make youtube.com not accessible. Mobile users may also need to limit access to the YouTube app.

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