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This article will explain all of the best-proven solutions to you when you experience buffering and slow media loading on a Roku streaming device. These Roku buffering fixes range from changes to the Roku device itself to some modem tips and even a few things to try with the Roku apps and operating system.

All the tips and fixes explained on this page applies to all Roku models, including the Roku Streaming Stick 4K, Roku Ultra, and Roku Express product lines.

Why Your Roku Keeps Buffering

Dealing with electronic devices can be so annoying and frustrating at times, they can be a complete headache! Roku is no exception!

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However, most Roku devices work perfectly, but all days are not equal. You may come across times when your Roku will continuously buffer. Below are the usual reasons causing such inconvenient experiences while streaming:

  • Unreliable wi-fi connection: This is the first reason on our list. Since most streaming channels stream content in HD quality, Roku will buffer if you have a slow or unstable wi-fi network.
  • Too many devices using the Network: The network performance won’t work when too many devices use it. So, if you have connected lot of devices to the Network to which your Roku is connected, the device might buffer while streaming.
  • Cache data: Sometimes, Roku keeps different types of volatile data to give quick access to the user. This cache data may cause problems.
  • Heat: Definitely, Heat may also be the cause why roku tv keeps buffering. Your Roku will heat up When you keep watching content for hours. Eventually, Roku channel content will start lagging and buffering.
  • Having an old router: Having a old router may slow down your device connection. You can check with your internet service provider if your router needs up-gradation.
  • An old version of Roku: The streaming services have been more demanding today than they were yesterday. Your Roku may not work well today as it did in 2015. Constant buffering might occur if you use an extremely old Roku models to stream high-quality content from streaming service providers.

Below are the solution on how to stop your Roku from buffering.

How Do I Get My Roku to Stop Buffering? 

Here are all of the best ways to stop buffering when using a Roku to stream media.

  • Restart your Roku. Restarting your device can fix your buffering problem and other issues.
  • Reboot your Roku. Rebooting your Roku device can fix most bugs and glitches.
  • Update your Roku. Select Settings > System > System Update > Check Now to update your Roku’s operating system to the latest version.
  • Remove a channel or app and then re-add it. Get rid of the app or channel that is buffering a lot and then add it back again.
  • Check for overheating. Your Roku might be overheating if it starts buffering an hour or so after it’s turned on. Clean it everytime, so dust doesn’t accumulate on it, and make sure that it’s on a hard surface instead of a cloth or covering. You may also want to position it on its side so more of its surface is exposed to air.
  • Switch to a wired internet connection. Switch your Roku device to a wired internet connection if possible. However, Wired connections can be faster than wireless ones and can reduce the chances of media buffering.
  • Disconnect other devices from your internet. Make sure other devices using the internet simultaneously are disconnected as it can cause buffering when trying to stream media. The network becomes too full and cannot process all the downloads and uploads at once. Try placing these other devices in Airplane mode or canceling any downloads or updates they may have running.
  • Restart your modem. Restarting your will make a new connection to your internet service provider, which can be faster than what you had before.
  • If you have a 5G modem, turn it off for at least five minutes to allow the connection to reset completely. Some models may need 10 minutes to disconnect from the initial connection fully.
  • Use your Roku at a different time. Internet services often get a lot of traffic on Friday and Saturday nights which can slow down the speeds for everyone. Experiment with streaming content on your Roku at various other times on different days to see if you can find a time that has less traffic and faster speeds.
  • Switch to a faster internet connection. Your internet connection can be slow because of Roku buffering problems. See if you can connect to another one with faster speeds and less traffic if possible.
  • Talk to your internet provider. Speak to your internet provider, They might analyze your internet usage to know possible causes of slow download speeds. They may be able to suggest manual changes to your router settings or even offer you an upgrade to a faster internet service.
  • Manually change the video quality. Many Roku apps, such as YouTube, gives you the opportunity  to change the resolution of videos within their media player or app settings. Try choosing 1080p instead of 4K to see if this stops the buffering. Choose 720p or an even lower quality or resolution setting if buffering persists.
  • Clear the Roku’s cache. To clear the Roku cache, Press Home five times, Up once, Rewind two times, and Fast Forward two times on your Roku remote to clear the Roku’s cache. It can take several minutes to half an hour to complete.
  • Reset your Roku. Resetting your Roku might be anothe option if nothing else works. Doing this will remove all of your preferences and return them to how you found them when you first set the Roku up.
  • Upgrade to a newer Roku. If none of the above fixes works, the problem could likely be that your Roku is too old.
  • Use another device. Try streaming content from apps on other devices if your Roku won’t stop buffering and buying a new model isn’t an option, Smart TVs, video game consoles, and some Blu-ray players support many popular streaming apps. You may even be able to cast content to your TV from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How Do I Fix Frequent Buffering?

Recurring buffering is almost due to a hardware-related or slow internet connection problem. The easiest way to stop media buffering is to download the film or episode completely onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet and then cast it to your Roku or another device. This way, there is no need for the device or application to stream the content live.

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