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These days, Most of the apps require location permission. Some apps make use of this ability meticulously, and some misuse it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of us are getting tracked knowingly or unknowingly in this digital world. The different arrows on the iPhone status bar are a great way to notify one when they are under surveillance. 

Each of this arrow has its own function and meaning. Learning about them could protect you from potential unwanted tracing, but sometimes it could be annoying to see a grey arrow on iPhone screen. So, if you are wondering on how to get rid of hollow arrow on iPhone, This article will help you get rid of the iPhone hollow arrow won’t go away issue.

How to Get Rid of Hollow Arrow on iPhone?

There are two possible ways for iPhone users to get rid of the hollow arrow on tan iPhone .You can use more than one method,  They are disabling location services and turning off the status bar icon.
Below is a thorough simplification of the methods to make the process easy for you. 

Turn Off the Status Bar Icon

Another easiest method to get rid of the hollow arrow from your iPhone’s screen is to switch off the Status Bar Icon.  It will stop the location icon from appearing on the status bar. 

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You can try out the following steps below to perform the task:

1.Select Settings.

2.Click on the Privacy option.

3.Choose the Location Services option.

4.Swipe to the bottom of screen and select System Services. 

5.Navigate to Status Bar Icon and switch the button off. 

How to Limit Location Access 

According to the location permission you have configured on your iPhone, it will display the hollow arrow. Change the location access to manage the indication on the screen.

1. Head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and go down the list of apps that need location information.

2. Choose the specific app to manage the location access permission.

3. Under Allow Location Access,Select Never to block the app from accessing your location and disabling the hollow arrow.

Note: Some apps make use of location services only when they are open or in the background. Remove the hollow arrow by shutting down the iOS app by swiping the app’s thumbnail away from the multitasking view.

What Is the Hollow Arrow on the iPhone? 

The hollow arrow is a particular icon used by Location Services on iOS. Which means that an app will use your location information under some conditions decided by the app or configured by you in the app permissions.

This hollow arrow always show that location services is enabled. The arrow gets filled in when any app or a process requests your iPhone’s location. The arrow returns to a hollow icon again once the app gets the location information.

In conclusion, When the arrow icon shows on your screen, it probably means lot of different things, but it all depends on how it looks. However, it means that an app is using your location.

This data permits your iPhone and many of its apps to give you a tailored experience. For privacy reasons, you might not want to give all applications this access, though. Fortunately, Apple gives you a lot of control over these settings in iOS.

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