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This article will train you two different ways to remove the Chat icon from the taskbar in Windows eleven.

How to Remove Chat from Windows eleven Taskbar

In Windows 11

Windows 11 is here, available as a free upgrade for all Windows 10 customers. While many groups are rolling out the brand new OS in the months ahead, one of the first matters that user will be aware is the Chat icon in the taskbar. Microsoft is making Teams a essential part of the revel in Windows 11 a lot so that they have got baked it without delay into the Taskbar. 

Microsoft nevertheless recommends downloading the total Microsoft Teams app for work or school accounts, leaving the Chat app gathering dirt for your taskbar… with apparently no way to remove it. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround which can narrow down your taskbar and maintain it to the apps and shortcuts which you need. 

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How to Remove Chat from Taskbar

There are some new icons at the taskbar in case you just updated Windows 11. Teams is an immediate messaging app that has one in all those. Unlike the Teams app used at academic institutes or workspaces, this one is a touch greater streamlined.

However, that is a private model of Teams, and the brand new Chat app helps you to talk with near own circle of relatives and buddies thru a camera icon. Download the primary Teams application, after which make use of each at the same time.

If you click on at the Chat symbol, you’ll be sent to the Teams app. However, clicking at the Chat button after uninstalling the messaging application will reinstall it. You remove or hide the chat button via way of means of deactivating it for your taskbar. To accomplish this, follow with those steps below:

  • Right-click on an empty area of the taskbar and choose the Taskbar settings option. The new setting window could have Personalization > Taskbar because the pinnacle heading.
  • Find the chat in the taskbar’s item list.
  • To do away with the chat, switch off the slider at the right side. The Chat Button won’t be seen at the taskbar anymore.
  • It’s essential to notice that Microsoft Teams is still present on your pc even though the Chat Button is gone. “Apps & Features” is wherein you’ll discover the app if you want to delete it absolutely.

Remove Chat Icon Via Windows Search Bar 
In the Windows seek bar, type Taskbar Settings,” press the go back key transfer chat to “off.”

Why Did Microsoft Add a Chat Icon to My Taskbar? 

The chat icon was added to the taskbar in Windows 11 to push Microsoft Teams to greater customers. Microsoft has been pushing to make Teams greater adaptable for each groups and individual users. The Chat icon was added to permit users without problems get entry to the Teams application. When activated, you can make calls without problems and send text messages without usage of Microsoft Teams from the Chat icon in Windows 11.

How to uninstall Chat from Teams on Windows eleven

On Windows 11, there are  at-least two ways to uninstall the Chat from Microsoft Teams integration the usage of the Settings app and PowerShell commands.

Settings app method

To absolutely do away with the Chat from Microsoft Teams with the Settings app, use those steps:

1.Open Settings.

2.Click on Apps.

3.Click the Apps & features web page at the proper side.

4.Select the Microsoft Teams app.

5.Click the three-dotted button subsequent to the app and choose the Uninstall button.

6.Click the Uninstall button again.

After you whole the steps, the app could be eliminated from the system, and the closing factor left to do is do away with the Chat button from the Taskbar with the commands mentioned below.

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