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You want to check how much battery life your new iPhone has left, but you’re not sure how. You went to Settings -> Battery, but there wasn’t a switch you could turn on. This guide will show you how to see the battery percentage on an iPhone.

View battery percentage using Control Centre

Every iPhone X models have a visual representation of the battery at the top right corner of the screen, although it doesn’t show the percentage of the battery remaining. If you have the previous iPhone versions, you can usually switch the battery percentage option.

Firstly, Head to settings>battery>then the battery percentage option.The steps is different for iPhone X series users. 

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Secondly, Swipe down from the top right of your iPhone’s screen. The visual representation of your iPhone XR battery at the top right of the Control Centre has the percentage of charge remaining listed. You can just swipe down to see the remaining percentage and quickly back up. This can be done without lifting your finger if you don’t have other actions to do in the Control Centre. Using Control Centre is currently the easiest way you can see the battery percentage. This applies to iPhone X models, including the iPhone XR. It may also be the case in some other iPhone versions. In some, there seems to be no way to go back to the traditional way of displaying the iPhone battery percentage.

Ask Siri for the Battery Percentage 

Siri is the helpful voice assistant for iOS that can quickly answer your voice commands. You can also use it to find out the charger percentage remaining in your battery.

1. To activate Siri, Long press the side button on the phone.

2. Use a voice command like, “What is the battery percentage?”

3. Siri will display the charge percentage on the battery and also say it aloud. 

Note: To set up Siri to receive a voice command, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Toggle Listen for “Hey Siri” and/or Press Side Button for Siri.

Add a Widget to Your Locked Screen

The control center is a simplest way to view the battery percentage, but another simple way of showing your phone battery percentage is by displaying it on the device’s lock screen. Follow the steps below to add a battery percentage widget to your iPhone’s lock screen.

1.Swipe right to your iPhone’s Home Screen.

2.Go to the bottom of the screen to locate the edit button and press it.

3.From the Add Widgets screen, select More Widgets and then tap the plus icon next to batteries.

The battery widget will now appear whenever you swipe right from your home or lock screen. The widget mostly appears at the end of the list of widgets. You can move it to a different location by clicking and dragging it. It will also be easier to find the Widget if you place it at the top of the other lock screen widgets. The battery charge percentage widget also comes with a bonus feature.

2. Connect Your iPhone To The Charger

You can make use of this method if you have your charger nearby. Your iPhone starts to charge when you connect your iPhone to a power source and charge it. When your device begins charging, it shows the battery percentage of your iPhone for a brief moment.

Even if you have just an iPhone cable, you can connect it to your mac or any other laptop and charge your device. Similarly, you can see your iPhone’s battery level briefly while it starts charging.

Where Did the iPhone’s Battery Percentage Go? 

The battery percentage is always showing on the status bar on iPhone 8 or previous models. After the iPhone XR has introduced the notch for the front-facing camera, so the battery percentage was removed as a space-saving measure. However you can still use the methods above to see the battery percentage in an iPhone XR.

In conclusion, No matter the type of iPhone you are using, it is not difficult to check the battery percentage. It may seem difficult to show the battery percentage in the latest iPhone versions. However, Control Centre only needs you to swipe your finger down from the top right corner and the percentage remaining will be available. It doesn’t take time to check the percentage this way. Alternatively, you can also add a widget to your home screen if you want the charge percentage display always available.

Hopefully, the steps and tricks above will help you set up your iPhone XR to show the battery power remaining. 

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