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The best wireless chargers will provide your mobile phones with power without been worried about where the end of your cable’s gone. You can not only keep your stuff charged by using the magic of magnetic induction, but it reduces how much you use the charging port, keeping a common point of failure on any device intact for longer.

Some chargers are only meant for one type of phone, or even just one brand of device in some cases. Others are designed for lot of devices, either by giving a large general charging surface or by giving you various different wireless points to attach your phone, smartwatch and earbuds. And of course even the simplest charger still comes in a variety of shapes and sizes which gives you lot of choice.

Based on research, This type of charger are the best to buy. Take a look at our best wireless chargers below. 

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1. Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Stand


  • Quality matte rubber + glossy plastic
  • Helpful “arms” couch phones


  • Not the fastest charging

The Belkin 10W is nice looking, convenient and uncomplicated to use. The Belkin 10W has upstyled glossy plastic with matte rubber for the flat charging surface, It is a step up in design and charging power both of which are noticeable. The charging rate refilled 16% on our iPhone XS Max in 30 minutes.

It as well as the ‘arms’ keeping your phone from sliding off the surface. It tangibly feels higher-quality, and in the solid black color, looks a bit more refined than cheaper chargers. 

This wireless charger only charges phones, no smartwatches or tablets. Whether you like pads or stands is more up to personal taste, but we enjoy the usefulness of keeping your device upright to check the time and scroll through notifications.

2. Best wireless charger for iPhone 12 and 13- Apple MagSafe Charger

Through the use of MagSafe wireless charger, The iPhone 12 and 13 can charge twice as fast as they can, and the magnets built into the phones and charger ensure perfect alignment every time. Too bad the cable’s so short, though.

3. Lignum Wooden Phone Charger

The Lignum Wooden Wireless Charger is the best wireless charger for both iPhone and android, it stands out from the rest because it is a wooden design as it adds a traditional touch to any home. Although this design won’t go with every home interior. The company pledges to plant a tree for every charger sold. It is to balance out the wood they use.

The Wireless chargers mentioned above for iPhone and android are worth trying. Some of them are expensive and branded whereas some brands are not well known but work perfectly fine.

4. Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

The Samsung wireless charger is one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone and android in 2022. The 7.5W speedy charging supports Samsung and Apple devices and up to 5W for any device. If one prefers to stick with popular companies, the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad could be worth consideration.

The LED light shows when the smartphone is fully charged.

The self-cooling fan ensures that the user never has to bother about the charger overheating.

5. Fast speeds with the right plug- Aukey 10W wireless charger


  • Low key design
  • Capable of 10W charging


  • LED annoying at night

The Aukey 10W affordable wireless charger can juice up compatible Samsung phones with its full 10W power when using the Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 wall charger brick. iPhones will have to settle for 7.5W, though that’s still faster than the 5W wired brick charger that still ships with every iPhone except the 11 Pro.

Your glass phone won’t slide around and thanks to the pleasant soft TPU coating. Its three coil design simply means you don’t have to fuss about on how to place your phone down, with a charge picked up consistently.

The low profile black rubber look will blend in nicely on a desk, kitchen top or night stand though like with many wireless chargers there is a small LED to signal when it’s on which you might not like if it’s right by your bedside.

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging?

It depends on the case you are using, The Qi standard can operate at distances of up to 4cm, though tough hard-shell cases can cause an obstruction. Some l devices will wirelessly charge well through a slimmer or softer case, and lot of wireless charger makers will claim to support cases up to 5mm thick.

But when you charge your phone it generates heat. When your phone is in its case it is like it is wearing a winter coat, and if that jacket prevents heat dissipation then things are going to get hotter still. Your phone should have effective safeguards built-in to prevent it overheating, but you should still apply some common sense.

However it is recommended that you remove the case whenever you charge your phone. Thus, the reality is most people will not be bothered, and in most cases your phone will charge just fine with the case in place.

In this article, We have put together the different types of best wireless charger to choose from for the mobile devices you carry everywhere.

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