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Steam can be understood as a video game storefront that is used to provide game distribution services to customers. It is one of the most popular online gaming stores for gamers everywhere, and it’s not just for PC; you can enjoy Steam on your Mac as well. Here’s how to install and download games using Steam for Mac.

How to install Steam on Mac

1. Open a browser on your Mac and navigate to store.steampowered.com.

2. Now tap Install Steam in the top right-hand corner.

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3. Click the blue Install Steam button, you should see an Apple logo on this button. If not, click the Apple logo that should be underneath it.

4. Check your downloads folder or click the download icon in your browser, Double click on steam.dmg to open.

5. Drag the Steam logo over the top of the Application folder and the installation will be complete.

6. Open the Steam app and input your account name and password if you already have an account. Otherwise click Create a New Account and follow the instructions on the screen.

7. You can now search for games to play. To see Mac-specific games, tap the Search icon.

8. Swipe down and tick macOS in the box called Narrow by OS. You will find an icon to install games on a title’s description page.

The interface is initialized and is ready to use.

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