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Do you want to learn how to screen record on Chromebook? Whether you are looking to create a software tutorial or just want to capture what’s happening on your screen.

This article shows different ways to record a screen on Chromebook and help you solve some common problems that people face while trying to record their screens.

Where is screen recording on a Chromebook?

Google has made it very easy to search and use its new screen recording feature on Chromebooks. Simply tap on the panel in the bottom right corner where you see the time, battery level and Wi-Fi, then from the panel that appears select Screen capture.

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Click on Ctrl + Shift + Show windows (the rectangle with two lines to the right) keys to open the Screen capture window if you prefer to use shortcut key combinations.

This will then open up the Screen capture menu, which has a few different options available.

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook with the System Tray

This procedure accesses screen recording through the system tray on the lower right-hand side of the desktop. It works on any device running ChromeOS.

1. Open the system tray.

2. Choose Screen capture.

3. Click on the Screen Record icon to switch to screen recording mode.

4. Select from three screen recording options.

  • Record full screen: Used to record the whole screen.
  • Record partial screen: Used to record part of the screen. This option will ask you to drag a box around the area you want to record.
  • Record window: Will only record the current browser or app window you select.

5. Click Stop screen recording to end the recording session.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Before we start explaining what you can do with your Chromebook’s keyboard shortcuts, it is important to note that they come in two types, which are global and browser-specific.

  • No matter what app or window you have open, Global shortcuts will surely work.
  • Browser-specific shortcuts only work in Chrome windows and when a browser extension has been installed.

Below are are some global keyboard shortcuts to help you screen record on Chromebook:

Ctrl + Alt + R – begin/stops a recording

Ctrl + Shift + P – pauses/resumes a recording

F11 – full-screen mode

Esc – stops a recording or exits full-screen mode

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R – displays the recording options dialog box.

You also have some browser-specific shortcuts that you can use to record your Chromebook screen: Ctrl+Shift+H begins and stops video recording, while Ctrl+Shift+Utakes a screenshot of what is currently on your screen.

Where to find your screen recordings

Like Chromebook screenshots,  a notification will show when a screen recording ends. Click on this notification to view the file. screen recordings are automatically saved to your clipboard so you can copy and paste them into another application or program. But you can also find your recordings in your Videos folder.

What File Type Are Screen Recordings on a Chromebook?

Screen recordings are saved as .webm video files. It’s a free video format that is compatible with most site, This is not a common format, so you may need to convert the video to use it with some video editing software like Cloud Convert.

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