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You will need a place to sit whether you play PC games on a monitor or console games on a TV. You can make use of a sofa, to a La-Z-Boy, to a dining room chair, but if you really want to feel comfortable while playing, you should buy a dedicated gaming chair. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and designed with gamers in mind.

Below are the best gaming chairs in 2022

1.Best gaming chair overall- Secretlab Titan


Dimensions: 29.5 x 27.5 x 57 inches (W x D x H)

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Seat height: 19.5 – 23 inches (minimum to maximum)

Maximum load capacity: 290 pounds


  • Extra-large seat
  • Adjustable, integrated lumbar support
  • High-quality design and construction


  • Limited height adjustment

The SecretLab Titan has an advanced base that allows for tilt of the seat pan as well as the back. This gaming chair is almost always a top five best gaming chair contender no matter which list you look at, and it is easy to see. Its racing seat-style design isn’t as ostentatious as many others in its class, opting for a more elegant bucket seat look that allows it to fit just as well in an office. 

The SecretLab Titan has a new base, There is a soft memory foam neck pillow, as well as built-in lumbar support that is adjustable so you don’t need another distracting foam add-on to keep your posture in check. At first, while the price may look expensive, we know that when it comes to gaming chairs you will have to spend a little more to get more, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this one. 

2. The best gaming chair on a budget- Corsair T3 Rush


Dimensions: 34.8 x 27.2 x 14.8 inches (W x D x H)

Seat height: 17.5 – 21 inches (minimum to maximum)

Maximum load capacity: 264.5lbs


  • Affordable to buy
  • Comfortable, plush support
  • Can support a surprisingly heavy load


  • Gaming aesthetic subdued
  • Frame is plastic, not metal
  • Wheels are also plastic and looking cheap

The Corsair T3 Rush is one of the more affordable gaming chairs out there, it is perfect for budget-conscious gamers who can afford to shell out a bit more if it meant better quality and better comfort. It has a highly adjustable backrest that you can recline all the way for quick naps. it almost looks like any computer chair out there, albeit the more premium, bucket seat kind. 

However, what this gaming chair doesn’t have in gaming aesthetic hoopla, This gaming chair comes with a padded neck cushion, memory foam lumbar support and breathable soft fabric exterior, which makes it amazingly supportive of your neck and back. it makes up for in comfort. Its heavy-duty 65mm dual wheel casters should keep you movable when necessary.

3. Mavix M5


  • Comfortable and highly adjustable
  • Solid build
  • Elegant, unassuming design


  • Not affordable
  • Finicky height adjustment mechanism
The Mavix M5 is a comfortable and highly adjustable gaming chair, It offers an elegant, Herman Miller-esque gaming chair experience at a fraction of the price.

This gaming chair is clearly inspired by the Herman Miller Aeron chair, and that’s not a bad thing. The M5 has a separate section for your lower back that Mavix calls “dynamic variable lumbar” (DVL) support, with a springy hinge that offers the right level of pressure however you sit.

It looks deceptively simple, feels very comfortable, and costs a fraction of what the more famous office chair does.

This gaming chair is for anyone who wants an Aeron-like experience without dropping four digits. It’s mesh-backed, visually minimalist, and will support you whether you want to stoop over your keyboard or lean back with your game pad.

4. The best budget gaming chair- FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01


Material: Fabric

Chair Height: 51.2 inches

Height Limit: Unspecified

Weight Limit: 275 pounds

Recline Angle: 135°


  • Reasonably attractive design
  • Retractable footrest
  • Affordable price


  • Poor adjustment settings
  • Not enough lumbar support

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 is the best budget gaming chair. This no-frills gaming chair costs less than $200, and still gives the bold design and adjustable features that players expect in a gaming chair. You can however change the angle of the backrest, you can also adjust the height and you can even extend and retract a footrest.

There are some disadvantages, but the material doesn’t feel especially premium, and will wear down over time. The adjustment settings aren’t nearly as precise as many of the FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01’s competitors.  The lumbar support is also somewhat lacking, offering only a pillow that never quite sits right. Still, this is the way to go if you’re on a tight budget.

5. The best ergonomic gaming chair- Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody


Seat type: Task chair

Material: Multi-layer fabric

Seat height: 17–22 inch

Weight capacity: 136kg (300lbs)

Weight: 23kg (51lbs)


  • Stimulates blood and oxygen flow
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Enormous warranty
  • Comfortable


  • Jaw-droppingly expensive compared to most
  • No headrest to speak of

The Herman Miller X Logitech Embody gaming chair is a coming together of two great powerhouses from their respective spheres. Herman Miller’s premium approach to furniture blends with Logitech’s gaming input to create this augmented version of the Embody, specifically designed for gamers.

One of the most standout feature is the warranty. At 12 years, including labor, and rated for 24-hour use over that time, it’s a chair that is guaranteed to last you over a decade, if not longer.

For the most part, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody actually isn’t a complete departure from the Embody of old. A tried, tested, and widely recognized design, the gaming Embody comes in a new black and blue colorway, with plain black also available if you’re going for a more sober/edgelord look.

You can sit on this chair all day and not feel a moment of discomfort under your tush. You may shift around your top half into all sorts of absolutely not ergonomic positions during the day but your bottom half tends to stay stuck in place at a desk, so it’s important to get that just right.

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