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iOS 16 is a significant iOS update that brings a host of visual changes and features. Of all the features introduced in iOS 16, Live Captions has to be one of the best. When enabled, it converts any audio being played on your iPhone into closed captions in real time.

This is extremely beneficial for hearing impaired people, since it allows them to answer calls, take video calls, watch videos, and more without additional help.

How to enable iOS live captions

1. Launch the Settings app, then click Accessibility.

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2. Scroll down and under “HEARING”, tap Live Captions. 

3. Now, switch Live Captions to on.

Automatically, Your iPhone will display captions on all apps to accompany audio and video. You can also set it to work only in specific apps. At the moment, while this feature is in beta, these are limited to FaceTime and RTT.

4. Toggle on Live Captions to enable the feature. You will now see captions on video calls. You can also turn on Live Captions in RTT.

5. Click Appearance to change the font size it can be tricky to read the text at speed on even the largest iPhone screens.

Uses of Live Captions

With Live Caption, you can transcribe any video or audio playing on your iPhone. This feature is really helpful for videos and songs that do not have captions. For example, if you’ve forgotten your headphones at home, you can use Live Captions to transcribe your favorite podcasts in real time. Live Captions also work for calls and video calls, so if you’re hard of hearing, this should be of great help. It also transcribes live conversations around you, if you want it to.

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