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It could be time for a factory reset if Google Home or Nest Mini stopped talking back to you or stopped listening to your commands. The process only takes a couple of minutes to complete and should make your device function like it’s right out of the box.

Here’s how to factory reset your Google Home or Nest Mini to fix problems and get it working like new.

How to Reset a Google Home

The Google Home doesn’t have a separate factory reset button. Rather, it uses the Microphone Mute button on the device’s rear for this function. Hold the button down for 12-15 seconds, like with the Home Mini. You may leave the button when the Assistant confirms that it is resetting the device.

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How to Factory Reset a Google Home Mini 

usually, You can reset the device and restore it to just-out-of-the-box condition by holding down the factory data reset (FDR) button. A factory data reset clear all data stored on the device, plus settings and any personal data.

Follow these steps below to Perform a factory reset on Google Home.

1. The Google Home Mini has a dedicated FDR button on the bottom of the device. Search for it just below the power plug; you’ll notice a simple round circle. 

2. To reset the Google Home Mini, Press the button down for about 12-15 seconds.

3. You’ll hear the Assistant confirm it is resetting the device.

4. Release the button. Your device is now reset.

How to Reset a Google Home Max 

Same with the Home Mini, the Google Home Max has a dedicated FDR button. It is located to the right of the power plug. Hold it down for 12-15 seconds to reset the device. You’ll hear the Assistant confirm it is resetting the device; then you can lift up off the button.

Resetting Your Google Nest Mini

The second-generation model does not have a factory reset button on the bottom of the device so you’ll use a slightly different method.

1. Switch off the microphone. The LED lights will pulse orange 

2. Press and hold the center of Google Nest Mini for 10-15 seconds 

3. Hold on till you hear the chime

4. The steps after resetting will be similar to the first-generation model. Go through the initial setup to start making commands.

At times, this process of resetting the Nest Mini won’t work. If you don’t hear the chime after clicking and holding the center of the Nest speaker, you can try this alternative reset method.

1. Unplug the power cable from the Nest speaker and wait for 10 seconds 

2. Plug the cable back in and hold on until all four lights on top are lit. 

3. Repeat both previous steps a total of 10 times 

4. After plugging in for the 10th time, wait a few moments, and you should hear “Welcome to Google Home”

After you reset your Google Home, you can set it up again just as you did when it was fresh out of the box. When you boot the Google Home app on your smartphone, you will be prompted that it has detected a new Google Home device. Tap the notification to start the Google Home setup process.

When You Should Not Reset Your Device 

If you want to rename the device, sign into a different Wi-Fi network, change the account you are using with Google, Pandora, Spotify (etc.), or configure smart home devices, you can do so on the Google Home app for Android or for iOS. This is the app you installed to set up the Google Home.

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