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Recently, Apple started rolling out iOS 16 to supported devices. iOS 16 brings many new features to iPhones. It also brings several improvements to Focus modes in iOS 16 including the ability to link a custom Lock Screen to a particular Focus mode. It also allows users to use their favourite emojis as homescreen and lockscreen wallpapers.

If you are new to iOS, here is an easy guide that will help you use focus mode better.

How to setup a Focus in iOS 16

Step 1: Head to the Settings app. 

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Step 2: Swipe down to the Focus settings and click it.

Step 3: Then click a Focus that you want to customise. For example, you can pick Work. 

Step 4: For the Focus that you have selected, specify which apps and people can send you notifications during this Focus is turned on. 

Step 5: Click Options and then enable or disable ‘Show Silenced Notifications on the Lock Screen’ and ‘Hide Notification Badges on Home Screen apps. 

Step 6: Choose back option. To change the Lock Screen to use with this Focus, click the Lock Screen preview below Customize Screens and select a Lock Screen. Then click Done at the top of the screen. 

Step 7: To select a Home Screen page to use with this Focus, click the Home Screen preview below Customize Screens, choose a page, then click Done.

How to set up a Focus mode with specific lock and home screens

1. Tap Choose under the screen you wish to customize. For instance, in the lock screen, you have the option of creating a new lock screen, or selecting one of your existing lock screens. Tap Done when you’ve made your selection.

2. Click Choose under the home screen to set a custom home screen for your Focus mode.

For example, a Focus-generated home page tied to a Work Focus mode, includes the Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Mail apps among others. You can click Edit Apps to add and delete options, including third-party apps.

3. When you’re okay with the apps on your home screen, click Add in the upper right corner.

How to schedule a Focus Mode

1. Click Smart Activation to switch on the feature automatically and then move the slider to the on position on the next screen. This will turn on your Focus mode when your phone decides that it’s a relevant time or location.

2. Click Add Schedule and then pick a particular time, location or app to activate your Focus mode.

You can also add other times, locations or apps by clicking Add Schedule again.

How to Set Up Focus Filters on Your iPhone

Focus Filters enables you to decide on how your apps and devices behave when a Focus mode is on. For example, if you have several email accounts set up in the Mail app, you can decide which can send you notifications by setting up a Focus Filter. Ensure you upgrade your iPhone to iOS before following these steps.

1. Launch Settings.

2. Click Focus.

3. Choose the Focus you wish to add the filters to.

4. Click Add Filter in the Focus customization menu.

5. Click Mail.

6. Under accounts, choose the email address(es) you wish to silence.

7. Click Add.

8. You will then see Filter Inboxes under Focus Filters. The other filters you can try are for Calendar, Messages, Safari tab groups, Dark Mode, and Low Power Mode. If you select Calendar, you’ll be able to select which email accounts or calendars to silence while the Focus mode is on.

9. If you select Messages, you’ll be able to toggle on the Filter by People List.

10. If you select Safari, you’ll be able to select which Tab Group(s) can be used during this Focus.

How to enable and disable a Focus mode in iOS 16

1. Once you’ve set a Focus mode, it will be turned on automatically. You can switch if off from the Focus screen in Settings by going to the command center (swipe diagonally downward from the lefthand corner of the home screen) and tapping the Focus control.

As of iOS 16, you can also turn off Focus modes from the connected lock screen. Tap the Focus icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap the enabled Focus mode to turn it off from the menu that appears.

2. Tap the enabled Focus mode to turn it off.

In conclusion, It is very easy to set up and customize a Focus mode in iOS 16 than it was before, even if that does sound like a lot of steps. And you should reap the benefits of Focus, as you’ll see fewer unwanted notifications and remove the temptation to fool around with games, text messages and other potential distractions when you really need to be working.

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