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You have been using OPAY for years now, but you don’t know how to change your account number. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

Changing Opay account or phone number is not difficult but there are things you need to do before getting your Opay account number changed.

As you know, Opera mini is the owner of Opay, licensed By the CBN and also regulated by the NDIC.

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So to make it confidential and being security conscious for the customers of Opay, you can’t change your Opay account number anyhow, you must follow the due legal processes to do so.

Things You need to have before changing Opay account number (phone number)

In other to change your OPay account number, You will prepare two legal documents.

1. You must provide a police report stating that you don’t have access to the old phone number.

2. You must provide your Regulatory ID. (Valid ID Card)

3. You should provide a sworn affidavit.

Things that will be stated on the affidavit.

1. You are not authorized to use the old phone number (change it with your old phone number)

2. Indicate the new mobile phone number (change it with your new phone number)

3. Authorize Opay to transfer the balance of Opay’s old wallet to the new wallet.

How to change your Opay account number.

After you have gathered the necessary documents, i.e the Police report, Valid ID card and Affidavit.

Use your phone to snap them because you are going to send it to them through email

Now head to your email, upload those snapped documents with the topic, ” CHANGE PHONE NUMBER” and send it to antifraud@opay-inc.com.

They will definitely reply your message within 3 days.

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