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Facebook is a wonderful place to find entertaining and even informative content. But sometimes you’re in a haste and you can’t read a long text post, or you might even be in a quiet place without headphones, and can’t watch videos with sound. That is exactly where Saved Posts come in.

Whenever you want to leave a Facebook post for later, without the fear of losing it to the timeline, all you have to do is press “Save Post” and it will be added to your Saved list.

But where exactly can you find those saved posts later? Here is the answer to that question.

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Saved Facebook Posts in the Mobile App

1. Click on the menu icon (the three strains) on the exact facet of the toolbar.

2. Tap Saved to open all posts, images, and flicks you might have bookmarked for later.

3. The saved posts are in order of after they’d been saved, with the latest ones on the excessive. Select See All to see all the posts you’ve saved, or go to your Collections.

4. If you faucet the submit, it’ll open. You may additionally tap on the icon with three dots to the exact of each submit and select View genuine submit from the Menu.

Search Facebook for Your Saved Posts 

1. Input a keyword like “saved” in the Facebook search box (on either the desktop of the mobile app).

2. Choose an auto-suggested search result like “saved posts by me” to arrive at the Saved page with all your preserved posts.

Saved Facebook Posts on the Website 

If you’re still unsure how you can save posts on Facebook website, then simply follow these easy steps:

1. Open a browser and head to Facebook’s site. The Saved icon look like a bookmark and holds posts, photos, and videos you have kept for later.

2. Choose Menu on the left sidebar.

3. Swipe down the Menu to the Personal category and click Saved. The Saved bookmark icon will also be visible under Recent if you have accessed the Saved page recently.

4. Click Saved to open the page with all your saved items and collections.

5. Click on the post to open it. Alternatively, select the three-dot icon to the right of each post and choose Unsave to remove it from the list. Also, use the Filter to sort the saved items by post type.

6. Click on the Gear icon on the left of the Saved page. The Reminder Settings can help you stay on top of your saved items and prevent filing too many of them away.

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