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While Tinder is great for helping you find compatible people near you, narrowing down your search to a particular person is a bit trickier. There’s no official way to find someone’s dating profile on Tinder if you haven’t already matched with them, but you can do it using a few simple workarounds.

In this article, we will discuss how to find someone on Tinder. The instructions apply to iOS and Android.

Find Someone on Tinder by Narrowing the Search Radius 

Tinder gives you the ability to search for people within a particular distance of your location.

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1. Launch your profile page and click Settings.

2. You can change a number of your search preferences, including age range, distance, gender, and more. Set Tinder to search from your current location.

3. Reduce the search radius so that you scroll through only nearby people. Move the scale to the left to reduce the distance or move it to the right to increase the distance. 

4. Click Done in the upper-right corner to save your preferences.

5. Now you can start scrolling through dozens of people to find your crush.

Tinder won’t match you with Facebook friends, so if you’re friends with someone on social media, create a separate Tinder account to find them. If the person has swiped left on you, they won’t show up as a potential match.

Find Someone on Tinder by Narrowing the Age Range 

While searching for someone by narrowing the distance may help you find what you’re looking for, you may want to stay within a certain age range. If you know how old the person you want to meet is, you can set the age range to only that age, for example, 25 to 35.

1. click on your profile icon, then tap Settings.

2. Look for the age slider under the distance slider and slide the left button to the age you want.

3. Move the right slider to match the first. If you aren’t sure of the person’s age, move the sliders to be as narrow a range as you want.

4. Click Done in the upper-right corner to save your preferences.

5. Now you can scroll through people of the same age as the person you’re looking for. If they swiped left on you already, they won’t appear.

6. The age is based on the age given to the Facebook account linked to Tinder, so if they use a fake age, you can’t find them this way.

Finding Someone via Tinder Search Bar

The Tinder search for someone feature only works if the person you’re looking for is already on your Tinder match list. Below are steps on how to find someone through Tinder search bar.

Step 1: Open your Tinder account and swipe over to the message icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Navigate the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Just input the name of the person, and you will see that name gets filtered out amidst all the names present there.

Note that if the person’s name does not appear, that implies, either you are blocked, unmatched, or they have deleted their profile.

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