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Sometimes you may want to snap screenshots at work in other to communicate ideas with coworkers, solicit assistance by showing an error screen, or rapidly discuss your project progress. You may also be required to snap screenshots in some positions.

There are various times when you need to snap screenshots even during your own screen time. For instance, while buying something on Facebook, you may need to snap a screenshot to communicate with the seller, you may need to screenshot a financial transaction for proof, or you may want to keep an outstanding home décor concept you spotted online.

Even though taking screenshots in Windows is simple (simply press Windows+PrtScn), the default function is limited. There isn’t a robust editing tool available, it lacks many automation functions, and obtaining screenshots in many methods can be difficult.

If you need to capture screenshots frequently, you’ll need to invest in third-party screenshot software that meets all of your requirements. These apps can let you take screenshots in a variety of ways, store them automatically (online/offline), and annotate them using advanced editing capabilities.

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There’s a multitude of ways with which you can take screenshots on HP laptops. Here are some of our favorites.

Use the Keyboard to Take a Screenshot in Windows 

There are a few ways to take screenshots using the keyboard. Most methods require you to paste and save the screen capture in the image editor of your choice.

Save the Screen to the Clipboard 

Use the Prt Sn (Print Screen) button to add the current screen to the clipboard. It’s on the far right of the top row of your keyboard, near the Insert and Delete keys. You will then need to paste the image into an editor like Paint (or similar) to see and manipulate the image further.

To use the screenshot in a document, place the cursor where you want the image to be, and then press Ctrl+V to paste.

Capture the Whole Screen 

With the screen up that you want to capture, press the Windows Key+Prt Sc. Your screen will flash for an instant. By default, captures go to This PC > Photos > Screenshots.

On some keyboards, you must hold down the FN key as well, so the whole shortcut is Windows Key+FN+Prt Sc.

Capture Part of the Screen 

Press the Windows key+Shift+S Simultaneously. Drag your cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture. The selected section will be saved to the clipboard.

Capture the Active Window 

Use Alt+Prt Sc to capture the active window and add it to the clipboard. You will see no indication that the capture actually happened.

How to Take a Screenshot with the Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is a great built-in feature that allows you to choose how much of the screen you want to capture. Regardless of the operating system, this tool works perfectly well for all Windows models.

Head to the Start Menu and type ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search bar. Once the application opens, you’ll see a variety of options at your disposal.

To Take A Screenshot on HP Using Snipping Tool‌, Click on ‘New’ or ‘Ctrl + N’. You can select your desired shape of the screenshot from the number of modes Snipping Tool has to offer. The rectangular snip is the standard one out there. Besides that, there are three other ways to capture your screen:

  • The Free-form Snip allows you to capture your screen in any shape you want, be it ovular, circular, or freeform.
  • The Window Snip enables you to capture your active window with a simple click.
  • The Full-screen Snip captures your entire screen at one go. This is particularly helpful for users with dual monitors. This option enables them to capture both screens at once.

Once you’ve captured your screenshot, you can save it in your desired location by pressing Ctrl + S.

How to Take a Screenshot on an HP Tablet 

HP dropped out of the tablet market in 2011, but you can capture the screen by pressing Power + Volume Down if you still have one. You can find screenshots in the Photos app.

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