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One of the most useful additions to iOS 16 is the ability to log medications in the Apple Health app. 

The update allows users to manage medications, vitamins and supplements under one roof, with regularly scheduled reminders that track when you take or skip your meds, along with what is essentially a 10-minute snooze button in case you’re busy when you get the alert. 

If you’re in the US, you can even scan medications with your iPhone camera, search for meds in Apple’s database and get some insight into how your drugs could be interacting. 

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Scroll down to learn how to set medication reminders on your iPhone iOS 16.

How to set up medication reminders on iPhone

The easiest way to start is by searching for the medication’s name in your iPhone’s database. We’ll share all the steps you need to follow.

Firstly, you need to open the Health app on your iPhone. In the Health app, choose Browse > Medications > Add a Medication. From there, you’re ready to set up reminders to take your medicine. 

Add a medication with your camera

1. Open the health app on your iPhone XR or later.

2. Select Browse, then tap Medications.

3. Tap Add Medication.

4. Tap the camera icon, then tap Get Started. If prompted, allow the Health app to access your camera.

5. Position the medication label in the frame.

6. Tap Next.

7. Tap Frequency to select an interval, then tap Done.

8. Tap Add a time to further specify when you take the medication, then tap Next.

9. Select the shape of your medication and tap Next.

10. Choose the color of the Medication and Background to customize it.

11. Review your Medication details and enter any Optional Details, then tap Next.

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