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Amazon’s latest smart speaker, Amazon Echo Dot is the same third-gen device with a twist. This means now it comes with an LED display underneath the band encircling the device. This will help see the outdoor temperature, time, and if you set a timer then countdown with flash. You get all these features for an extra cost of $10.

Here’s how to set up with Echo Dot with Clock, plus the basic functions that make it more clever than its display-less Echo relatives that we’d also consider the best Alexa speakers. 

How to set up the Echo Dot with Clock

Step 1: Plug in your smart speaker into the Echo Dot with Clock and then plug it into an outlet. Download the Alexa app to your mobile device and connect to your home Wi-Fi network to begin the setup process.

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Step 2: In the Alexa app, select devices on the bottom menu bar > ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner > Add device > Amazon Echo > Echo Dot > 5rd Generation.

Step 3: Click ‘Yes’ to look for your Echo Dot with Clock. Choose the Echo Dot from the list of available devices. It might have a number after it–it won’t matter to the setup process.

Step 4: Input your Wi-Fi credentials to add your Echo Dot with Clock to your home network.

Step 5: Follow the prompts to customize your Echo Dot with Clock. You can change the name of the speaker, designate the location, make it understand your voice, and more.

What can the Echo Dot with Clock display?

  • Timers and alarms.
  • Time with your preferred format (24 or 12-hour clock).
  • Outdoor temperature.
  • Changes on volume, equalizer, and display brightness.
  • Song titles when tracks start.
  • Answers math equations.

How to control the Echo Dot with Clock display

Here are some things you can say to operate your Echo Dot with Clock’s display:

1. You will need to use Alexa app or give voice commands to control display on the 3rd gen Echo Dot.

2. Use the following below if you plan to give voice commands:

3. Turn display on/off

4. Change click to 24-hour format

5. Set brightness to 6

6. Set timer for 10 minutes, this will show timer countdown. When the timer exceeds 1 hour you will see a dot at the upper right corner.

7. Set alarm for 5:30 am – when the alarm is set to go off, the device shows a dot at the lower right corner.

However, if you use the Alexa app follow the steps to perform different operations.

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