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If you’ve switched from Android to an iPhone, you might want to find out how to transfer Google contacts to your new iPhone. There are multiple ways to transfer contacts from your Google account to your iPhone and depending on what method you use, you’ll get various data fields for your contacts. 

The process of transferring contacts from Google to iPhone is really easy, and baked into the iOS Accounts feature. Being able to do this natively is just another of the those little UI touches that make the iPhone one of the best phone available available. 

 How to transfer your Google contacts to iPhone

 1. Firstly, open settings and then tap Contacts. 

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2. If you haven’t add your Google account to your iPhone yet, you’ll only have one option, which is to tap Add account. If you already have one connected, tap Accounts instead.

3. Tap Add Account and then select Google.

4. Sign in to your Google account using the on-screen form. 

5. You will be presented with a list of things to transfer, tap Contacts (and anything else you wish to transfer, like messages) until the toggle goes green.  

 6. To finish synchronizing your contacts, return to the home screen and tap Contacts. You contacts should start syncing this may take a few minutes.

How to Import Contacts from Gmail to iPhone via iCloud

Another way to sync Google contacts with iPhone wirelessly is to use iCloud. By exporting your contacts to VCF and importing VCF to iCloud, you can access Google contacts on your iPhone after enabling iCloud contacts.

To get contacts from Gmail to iPhone:

1. On your iPhone, head to “Settings” > [your name]> “iCloud” and switch on the “Contacts” option.

2. On your computer, visit Google Contacts and sign in with your Gmail account.

3. Choose the items you want to transfer and export them as vCard.

4. Head to iCloud.com and sign in with the Apple ID you use on your iPhone.

5. Select “Contacts” among the options.

6. Click “Settings” and choose “Import vCard.”

7. Select the vCard file you just exported from Google and click “Open.” Afterward, you will see the Google contacts shown in the list.

8. Head to the Contacts app on your iPhone, and now you will see your Google contacts here.

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