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You can now play Android games on PC, which means some of your favorite mobile games can be played on a much larger screen with updated controls. Google Play Games is finally available on a Windows PC for U.S. users.

Games like 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle, Cookie Run: Kingdom, Genshin Impact and Evony: The King’s Return are available and free to play. In fact, all the games are free downloads, although some of them do have in-app purchases. There are around 85 games available and Google will probably keep adding more here. The best part is that your progress, stats and achievements can be synced between your phone and PC.

Although, there are certain specifications your Windows PC will need to have before you can download Google Play Games though. You will need your PC to run on Windows 10 or 11 and you will need at least 10GB of space. Additionally, your PC will have to have an Intel UHD Graphics 630 or comparable graphics card, a processor with at least four cores, 8GB RAM, and a Windows administrator account. 

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How to play Android games on PC with Google Play Games

1. To play Android games on Windows PCs, users must Download Beta on the Google Play Games webpage.

2. Once downloaded, right click on the file and click Run as administrator. 

3. Hold on for the application to install. 

4. Once it is installed, a prompt in the app will ask your to sign into your Google account. Tap Sign in a sign in page will open on your browser. 

5. Now you will have access to most games, but to download them on some PCs you might need to turn on Windows Hypervisor Platform on your computer. This prompt will pop up automatically if you need to enable the setting. Click Continue and follow on screen instructions.

6. Restart your computer when prompted. 

You can now download any game and enjoy playing Android games on your PC. 

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