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Enabling the Dvorak keyboard on the iPhone is a great way to speed up your output as well as type more comfortably. If you’re regularly messaging, emailing, or working on your phone especially for long periods it’s worth doing. 

The Dvorak English keyboard layout is an alternative to the mainstream QWERTY layout used ubiquitously on English keyboards and devices. Dvorak is designed to make typing easier and faster. This is done by placing all vowels next to each other on the left, and consonants in the order of frequency they occur in the English language, spanning both the left and the right. This results in a layout that requires less hand movement on the keyboard, making typing more comfortable and increasing output. 

In this article, we will explain how to enable Dvorak keyboard on your iPhone.

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How to enable the Dvorak keyboard on iPhone

Follow the steps below to enable Dvorak keyboard on your iPhone.

1. Launch the Settings app on your device, and click on General.

2. Click on Keyboard, then select Keyboards.

3. Tap an English language keyboard. For example: English (UK), English (US) or English (Australia). The one you see will likely be based on which region you chose when setting up your iPhone.

4. Tap Dvorak.

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