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Learning how to insert symbols in any app on Windows is very useful for anyone who does a lot of typing. Once upon a time, to insert a symbol on Windows applications such as MS Word, you’d have to go to the tool bar, then the insert menu and then find your symbol. It was a laborious and time-consuming process, especially for regular symbols such as en- or em-dashes, which crop up a lot in writing yet many Windows oriented keyboards don’t have a bespoke shortcut for them.

In this article, you’ll learn the easy steps to insert symbols in any app on Windows.

How to insert symbols in any app on Windows

1. To insert symbols in an app on Windows, Open an app. Here’s we’re using the default Mail app, but this will work on any Windows app where you can enter text.

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2. Press WIN + . (so the Windows key and the period key). This will open up the global symbols keyboard.

3. On the selection bar, click the symbols icon on the right (the omega symbol). Click a symbol to insert it into the app.

4. Click on the clock icon to see and insert previously used symbols for each pane — this is incredibly useful for quickly inserting symbols you need frequently.

Now you can quickly input symbols on a Windows PC

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