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Text boxes have various uses within a document, such as making a group of text stand out on a page to grab the attention of your reader or to give your document a professional aesthetic. Google Docs provides a couple of simple ways to get that text box in your document.

Here’s how to insert a text box in Google Docs. 

How to insert text box in Google Docs 

1. Click on Insert in your Google Document.

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2. Select Drawing and then click New.

3.  This should open the Google Drawing tool. Select the text box icon on the toolbar. 

4.  Draw your text box on the empty canvas. 

5. Type or paste your text into the text box, otherwise it will be near invisible and tricky to find.  

6. Select Save and Close.

7. The text box should now be in your Google Document. Type in it or adjust the size and positioning as you see fit.

Remember you can still adjust the size of the text box by dragging from a corner like a regular image or change the position of it by clicking and dragging. You can also re-write the contents by simply selecting the box and clicking edit. 

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